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Catching Up.

As I type this up it’s raining outside.  You know, that cold rain.  It’s supposed to turn into freezing rain and snow later on tonight but we’ll see. 




It’s been a bit since we last spoke but one of the most difficult things I find about blogging is that I spend the entire day a work on a computer and sometimes getting on one when I am home is preeeeetty difficult. 

However, blogging is one of my favorite things to do.  I love sharing my life and I love reading about others and and learning from them.  I shamefully admit that I am probably addicted to Instagram.  😉  But I guess there are worse things to be addicted to.


Today is Sunday and today is also my rest day.  I went to church this morning with my dad and was able to use my brand new bible!  Yesterday I went up to Little Rock to Barns and Noble with my sister-n-law Lynn and my niece and nephew and just had a wonderful time!  I think that I could spend all day in a place like that!  We had Chinese for lunch and then headed home in the rain. 


I stayed up in the sounds booth with my brother this morning to keep him awake.  He had taken some medicine for his sinus’s and it was making him a bit sleepy.  Sister can get away with thumping their brothers in the ear if need be.  🙂


I spent Valentine’s Day with my niece…..



We went to get some yogurt at a nearby yogurt place…… We had the place all to ourselves at first but by the time we were leaving, it had started to get busy. 





I started doing the Insanity Max :30 a couple of weeks ago and I love it!





Crazy eyes!






You know, when I first thought about doing this workout, I thought there is just no way that I can do it!  I am too big of a girl to be jumpin’ around and throwing my body all over the place.  I mean dang…….I am 40! 

And then I thought, “excuses”……. Just plain ole excuses!  I will never know unless I try it and if I don’t try it, I’ll never get to a place that says, “I can do this!”

Here’s the thing.  I surprised myself.  You don’t have to already be fit to try something like this and the passion that ShaunT has about helping others achieve their goals just comes off of your TV! 

I didn’t think that I could do it, but now I know that I can.


Guess what?!?


This happened.

We have a new Whole Foods Market!!!  The other store was smaller and a bit cramped but this one is huge!  I mean when you walk in it’s just a beautiful sight!



I am still working on balance in my diet and trying to eliminate the bad stuff….






Lastly, here are some pictures of the furbabies….



Emma and Sophie with some crazy eyes for cheese!










I was happy for the weekend. 

Happy to be around family.

Happy for cuddle time with the furbabies on a cold day.

Happy to be in church.

Happy to have a new bible.





I think I will have a cup of hot tea now…. 🙂  And maybe some dark chocolate. 

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