Faith Fitness and Laughter

Being Healthier

on March 31, 2015

When you wake up in the morning to every feel like you are in a Twilight Zone?  Every thought you have doesn’t make sense and you just feel very cloudy.  You’re surprised that you made it into work because you can’t even remember the drive in.  🙂

I really hope that I am not alone here.



Random picture of Emma because she is so cute!!


We can try so hard to get the outside healthy that we forget to work on the inside at the same time.  Its actually the most important.  When my relationship with Christ is off, everything else seems to follow.  Work, health, decisions…everything.  There seems to be this darkness that just hangs over you.  A cloud so to speak.

The scary thing?  Sometimes that cloud can feel like it stays there a long time. 

A really long time.



Sweet Sophie!


When I step outside of myself, I can view the process of moving closer to Christ as a beautiful thing.  Even when it hurts. 

No matter how the outside looks, the inside could be screaming out to be saved.  Healed.  Seen.  Rescued. 

I could follow the best workout program and still not be healthy.  When I work on my relationship with Christ, I make better choices.  Better choices when it comes to eating and working out. 




Because I am fearfully and wonderfully made, I want to put good things in my body. 




So when you think about considering a healthy lifestyle, it all must work together.  The inside must be healthy too. 

Whatever you put in your body, comes out. 


I may not have it all figured out but I love the fact that I have a Father who is about giving us chances everyday and every minute to make good choices and to follow Him. 

If you are screaming out on the inside and you feel like no one can hear you, He can.  He knows you so well because He created you. 




You must care enough about yourself to become a healthier you. 

Inside and Out.



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