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The Tongue

on August 23, 2015

Good morning my beautiful friends…  This morning I wanted to share my bible study with you!


The tongue.

Our speech can be used for so many things but it still needs to be guarded.  The bible even says to do so..  Working for the public can be, at times, very frustrating.  Most of the calls that we deal with where I work are on a negative basis.  And I’ll be the first to admit, it gets to me sometimes.  I lash out.  I tear down.  Which in turn, affects my attitude. 

Gods word gives us the best example of how we are to speak and to speak to each other. 

Let no corrupting talk come out of your mouths, but only such as is good for building up, as fits the occasion, that it may give grace to those who hear.  James 4:29


There it is! 


Or is it?

In my devotion it was described as, “smoldering anger”……  whew!   You’ve seen a fire burning toward the end right?  The coals that are there can get super hot!  I’ve seen them burn all night before.  Our angry thoughts can do just the same. 

Have you ever been so angry before that you just stewed and fretted over it all night?  Only to wake up the next morning with a gut that is screaming at you!!


When you are saved, God accepted you on the basis of what Christ did for you.  It doesn’t matter what you did, forgiveness has been given to you forever and ever.  Shouldn’t the same be given to those who want to tear us down?

Everything we say should build up.  No rotten speak should pass through our mouth. 

Well, what about if I think it, I should say it.  Um…  Understand that the words you speak affect your mind and your attitude and your body.  You are a reflection of what is going on inside of you. 


How should we deal with someone who tears us down?

If someone verbally tears you down, they are in the gutter.  For you to get even, you will have to meet them in that gutter. 

We must conquer them by loving them.


And let me say that I have in no way mastered this….. but I know that the closer that I am to Christ, the more I will be able to speak words of life and love. 






Speak life to someone today!


2 responses to “The Tongue

  1. My tongue gets me in so much trouble! I think this is the thing that has been giving me the most stress over the past couple of months. I really need to get a grip on the words that I speak to Marty or to myself. I know God wants better for my life; not to be stuck in these cycles of negativity and saying every little thing that comes to mind. I know with time and discernment I can improve. I also need to shift my mindset on things that are good (and not so negative); when I think good things, I will speak good things! 🙂

    • I’m right there with you! Working where I work it’s such a struggle. (Call Center for a bank)… 90 percent of the calls that we get are for a problem and sometimes I let it just drain me and that negativity gets into every part of my life. It will get better my sister! 🙂

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