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Make Jesus Famous

on August 29, 2015

Do you ever have those moments of clarity when you know exactly why you are here and what your purpose is?  The bible study’s that I have been doing are specifically pointing to just that.  Purpose.  Salt and Light.  Making an impact.  Aware of Gods presence at all times.  Remembering that I am His in difficult times. 

I was listening to KLove yesterday and the Encouraging Story came on and the young woman speaking said these words, “we are here to love people and make Jesus famous.”



Why is it then that we stress ourselves out trying to figure out what were are to be doing with our lives?  I have realized and know that as long as I love Christ and continue to seek Him and put Him first, the rest will come. 


In the midst of really difficult times, I will praise Him.

In the really amazing times, I will praise Him.

In times of confusion, I will trust Him.

In times of sadness and despair, I will trust Him.

In times of anger and frustration, I will wait for Him to show up.

Because He will.








I want to live my life 100% aware that God is present and that He isn’t just interesting in meeting my needs, He wants a relationship with me.  He wants to come into my life and consume every part of it.  My home life, my work life, my relationships, my friendships, my attitude, my words.  Everything. 

Because we are treasures to Him.

He loves us just the way we are.

He catches us every time we fall.

He wants to share in our experiences.

He never leaves.




He intends to change peoples lives through us. 


So lets make Jesus famous.  Lets be bold and courageous.  Lets declare His love to others with the authority He has already given us. 

He can see all the way to the end my sweet friends.


2 responses to “Make Jesus Famous

  1. Brenda Mitchell says:

    Enjoyed this…..very encouraging!!!

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