Faith Fitness and Laughter

Being Real

on March 14, 2016

Well it’s Monday!  And I am kinda excited about it!!  I haven’t done a lot of posting about fitness in here for a while now.  Oh I’ve been workout out but it’s not something I wanted to share because the




I can’t even explain to you what happens to the brain when you start getting older and you begin to psych yourself out about what you can or can’t do physically.  It’s rather annoying. 

I mean goodness gracious I thought it would be easier than this!

You want to go back to the days of just popping up out of bed and getting to your workout.  But noooooo!  You actually have to warm up for the warm-up!  And even then you can risk pulling muscle.  For the love of Pete!



Can’t we Pre-menopausal women catch a break!?  🙂




So yes it’s March and I’m not really one for making resolutions, but I do want to set some goals.


This happened this morning!  Day One/Week One of 22 Hard Corps! Cardio 1

Not that I am completely against having a gym membership but I love that I can do my workouts from home.  That’s one of my favorite benefits of getting the programs through Beachbody.  🙂




With all of that said, it’s time to refocus and get serious!


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