Faith Fitness and Laughter

What’s To Know

on May 13, 2016

Getting to know someone can be a challenge sometimes, especially when distances is involved.  There’s some anonymity involved when your trying to get to know someone when you can’t be around them all of the time.  Or, in some cases, you’re not around them at all. 

How much do you share?

What should the focus be?

How much do you invest?


If you know me at all, I am a complete open book.  I even have a tendency to over-share on occasion…… ask me anything and I’ll tell you.   I think that when you share who you are, you risk being vulnerable.  Something that can be kinda scary…. But I also think that there is something beautiful in sharing who you are.  You never know who you might reach.  Who you will impact.

I thought I would take some time and share some of who I am with you.



Oddities and all….


  • I love things to be clean.  I like to keep a clean kitchen most of all.  Don’t set a dish by the sink, you’re done with it… just didn’t know you were.
  • I get pleasure in mowing the yard.  It’s kinda weird but it’s therapeutic for me to be out there cutting the grass…..I love it.  No really, I do.
  • I have this uncanny sense of smell.  It’s a gift…… and also a curse.
  • My favorite books to read are history books.  I took a theology class for fun.  I also like dystopia themed novels… Divergent anyone?
  • I wanted to be a dancer when I was a kid.  The only thing?  I like Twinkies too. And cookies.  Lots of cookies….
  • Some of my favorite memories as a child was going to see my Nanny in Mississippi.  We would go in the middle of the night to miss out on the traffic and the heat.  It was a lot of fun 🙂


I am not even sure what year this is…. 


  • I love learning about history.  We’ve established that I like to read about it but I also love to just experience it.  Learning about why we have certain things and how it all came to be about.  I just find it fascinating.
  • One of the ways that I learn is by memorization.  When I took some seminary classes, the only way I could learn was by writing it down.  Over and over.  A lot.  Like, A LOT.
  • I think it’s important to find a mentor.  Someone you can look up to and learn from.  Someone who seeks God and is willing to tell you the truth, even if it hurts.  Thank you Bro. Joe!
  • The thought of children in other countries and even here in the United States going to bed without being told they are loved breaks my heart into a billion pieces. 
  • I didn’t have my first real relationship until I was 30.  I’m 40. 
  • I used to weigh 250 pounds!!


I think my brother had a 26 inch waist here…..And this is not at my heaviest.

  • I love to hike….










  • One of my strengths is also my weakness.  Compassion.
  • I wouldn’t really consider myself a leader but rather a follower. 
  • I can also be pushy.  If I see something that I want, I just push and push until I get it.  But in most cases, it wasn’t really mine to begin with.



I could keep going!  I say this in closing…..

To know someone takes effort and willingness to do so.  You have to decided whether that person is worth getting to know and to be apart of your life.  Will they add to it or take something away from it?  Do they push you to be a better person?  Are they on your team?

You have to decide.


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