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What My Christmas Looked Like

Hey guys!!  Well, it’s over.  Christmas trees will start coming down and the decorations will be put away.  And of course there are the after Christmas sells at the stores too.  I am personally looking for a new tree myself. 

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

Here is what mine looked like….




Me nephew dressed for the occasion. He might have been in a little hurry to get to his presents!




The ladies.



The men.








Waiting on a crumb





My brother.  You really can’t have the two of us together at any kind of function.  We’re the ones standing in the corner cutting up and laughing. 


But I do love him!










He was intently telling my niece a story of when he got his worst spanking by my grandparents.


This was her face.. 🙂


The morning was pretty lazy.  I did get up at my normal time though and enjoyed a cup of coffee in a quiet house.  My favorite thing.  I actually watched Maze Runner………have you seen it?  I think I am going to have to go get the books now.  Like yesterday.

I also was able to get in a workout!  Merry Christmas to me!!  It’s the best gift I can give myself. 



21 Day Fix: Dirty 30!

I was actually pretty excited!  Finally made my way to the end of the first week!  I enjoyed the holidays and didn’t restrict myself much but I will be glad to get back on an eating routine.  Fruit. Veggies. and Meat!




I love this shot of Lynn and the kids.  🙂


Well.  That’s about it.  I hope and pray that you felt love all around you this Christmas! 

Have a great day!


How was your Christmas???

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Good Morning and a Merry Christmas to you!!




Just popping in for a quick hello 🙂


I know that everyone has been waiting for this day to get here and I hope that you have a happy day! 

Lots of kiddos opening presents this morning and getting super cool toys and electronic devices.  Take a moment to look around you and remember how amazing life is and how amazing it is to be in that moment.





My fur-sister of course had to get in on all of the Christmas action.  She’s cute in her new coat but oh my goodness she does not like it on!






The last few days have been cloudy and rainy so I am so glad to see the sunshine this morning!  It’s still cool but I don’t mind it so much 🙂




I hope you have a wonderful day and a wonderful Christmas! 

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Wonderful Time

Here we go! The last couple of days before Christmas!!  I don’t know about you but I am ready for the next two days to go by fast!  I only work half a day Wednesday (Christmas Eve) and I am off Thursday.  Ready to get my Christmas on!




Saturday night I went over to my brothers house to have dinner and watch It’s A Wonderful Life…..  I love that movie.


From left to right…. My snl’s (Lynn) feet, my brothers feet and then mine.  Yes, I wear flip-flops in the winter. 

I love that movie and I love the message that it brings.  It’s proof of how much we impact the people that we come in contact with.  It’s either going to be in a positive way or a negative one.


My niece got my cell phone and took a bunch of pictures….

IMG_3297 IMG_3298

IMG_3304 IMG_3306

My brother was being a Grinch that night.

The kiddo’s actually came out and spent the night with me.  We stayed up and watched Home Alone!  It was so funny… nephew had never seen it before and he laughed and laughed!



I love them to bits!! 



Lynn and Dalton… so sweet!



I got my first Christmas gift!!!

My sweet friend Jessica got me Trisha Yearwood’s cookbook, an awesome spatula and of course a super cool coffee cup!  I was so excited!  Isn’t it a pretty purple?!? 



Playing around with my phone.  🙂



Don’t you just love that face?  My lil man was extra clingy to his human this weekend.



So I have consistently worked out for four days in a row and can already feel the difference!  I love muscle memory.  One of the things that I have been doing with my workouts, is really concentrating on doing the moves correctly. 

Basically starting from scratch again has made me feel each and every muscle that I am working.  This is also the main reason that I have been sticking to the modification on the strenuous moves.  Concentration folks.  Concentration.

My workout this morning was the Pilates Fix from the 21 Day Fix workout! 




Refueled with a Gingerbread Shakeo drink!!

  • 1 cup of cold water
  • 1 scoop of chocolate Shakeology
  • 1/2 tsp of ginger
  • 1/2 tsp of cinnamon
  • 1/2 cup of ice

Mix well and enjoy!   It was so good!!





Have a wonderful Tuesday!!! 🙂


What Christmas Means

As I was on my way into work yesterday morning, the coolest Christmas song came on the radio.  B 98.5 here in Arkansas plays Christmas music the entire month of December!  It’s a Christmas party in my car, on my way to work, everyday!  🙂

Anyway, the song.  I believe it is by this group called Panatonics and the name of it is, That’s What Christmas Means to Me.  I love it!   It reminded me of the reasons I love this time of the year! 

Aaaaaaand, I wanted to share them with you!




  • Baking.  I mean who doesn’t like to bake during the holidays.  I love to bake all year round but there is something about this time of the year that makes me want to try new recipes.  I think the next thing I want to try is a cheesecake!





  • Candles lit.  I love love love candles.  I love turning my light off in my bedroom and just lighting a candle while I watch a Christmas movie this time of year. So cozy!
  • Presents under the tree.  Okay.  I am not about getting a bunch of presents but there is just something about them being under the tree. 
  • The smells.  I love the smell of the holidays.  Sounds weird but things seem to smell better.
  • Snow.  There’s always a chance for a white Christmas
  • Christmas movies!! 
  • Family
  • Friends



  • Hot chocolate




  • Hugs and cuddles from my niece and nephew




  • The Birth of Jesus.  “And she brought forth her firstborn Son, and wrapped Him in swaddling cloths, and laid Him in a manger, because there was no room for them in the inn.”  Luke 2:7





Last Christmas 2013



I got my first workout in since my procedure!!  All that I have to say is that it hurt.  A lot.   My doctor told me to wait at least 4 to 5 days before I get in a workout.  I waited 7.  Before that, it had been a while since I consistently worked out. 

Did I mention that it hurt?

Oh my goodness!  I had to modify the modifications and there were a couple of times that I thought I might puke! Its so amazing how much strength you lose when you don’t consistently stick to it. 

My entire body was shaking!!



That’s about it!  Going to work this morning and then coming home to chill out before next week!  Have a lovely day!

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My Favorite Christmas Songs

Tonight I wanted to share with you my favorite Christmas songs!




Those songs that, when they come on, it takes you to a place that is Christmas for you.  Oh don’t get me wrong I love the tree, the lights, the cookies….all of it.  But there is just something about a good Christmas song.


My Favorite Christmas Songs


1.   Where are you Christmas by Faith Hill.  (from the Grinch movie)


2.   The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting on an open fire)  by Nat King Cole


3.   Joseph’s Lullaby by Mercy Me.   (this is probably my favorite. If you haven’t heard it, go check it out!)


4.   I’ll be Home for Christmas  by Michael Buble’


5.   Blue Christmas by Elvis  When my nephew was a baby, I would get him and set him in my lap where he was facing me and sing this song to him.  In my Elvis voice.  Don’t judge. You know you’ve done it.  :p




6.   Here comes Santa Claus


7.  Have yourself a Merry little Christmas  by Michael Buble’


8.   If you just Believe by Josh Groban  (from the movie Polar Express)


9.   What Child is this (The first Noel) by Franesca Battistelli (LOVE this version!)


10.  White Christmas  by Bing Crosby


11. I Heard the bells on Christmas Day by Casting Crowns




12. Jingle Bells by the cas of Glee


13. Breath of Heaven (Mary’s Song) by Amy Grant


14. Stille Nacht (Silent Night)  by Mannheim Steamroller


15.  Silent Night by Boyz II Men






What about you?  What are some of your favorite Christmas songs?


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