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Ok, I am probably getting an early jump on things, but I am getting in the Fall mood.  I want my decorations to actually be out when Fall gets here so I got busy yesterday afternoon.  I got off at noon yesterday and headed straight home for some lunch and then to pull out all things Fall.  I also did a little baking! 

I’m waiting until the temps cool off, which isn’t going to be by much, to mow the yard.  It’s mostly dead, but it still needs it.  We also need rain in a bad way. 







All I need now is some cooler temps!


Fall Bucket List:


  1. Go for a hike
  2. attend a Fall festival
  3. bake my Pumpkin Mousse Cheesecake
  4. go to a Pumpkin patch
  5. have a Fall picnic
  6. carve a pumpkin
  7. bake an apple crisp
  8. make my own pumpkin spice latte
  9. go on a hayride
  10. buy a Fall candle



Onto other news that is muddling around in my  head…..  The last couple of weeks have been kind of long.  Now that it’s out in the open I can talk about it.  The company that I work for was auctioned off Monday and now we will be merging with another company by years end.  It’s been crazy and kind of stressful with all of the waiting and not knowing. 

Frankly, I am glad that it’s over and I truly believe that it came out the way that it was supposed to.  Am I happy?  Well, there were three ways that it could have gone and the way that it did wasn’t my first choice, but I am happy with the outcome.

And right now, I still have a job. 


I am just going to continue to do my job to the best of my ability and continue to pray about it.


I am off to get sweaty so I hope you guys have a great day!!


Question:   What’s crazy in your life right now??

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