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Health in a nutshell

Starting off by saying that it’s been a while is an understatement..  lol 🙂  But it has.  Sometimes you just need to take a break and that’s okay. 


So what’s been happing lately?

Let’s talk life shall we.

And health. 

In one month I will be 41 years old!  It’s hard to believe that I’m on the “other” side of that hill.  You’re only as old as you feel though right?  Just because I am getting older doesn’t mean that I can stop growing and maturing. 


Health and Fitness

Holy cow this part of my life has been a journey!  I can remember making the decision to lose weight and get healthy.  I have loved finding out what works for me and I have also loved finding new ways to do this.  There have been ups and downs let me tell ya.  There have been days that I have forgotten the process of getting healthy and that it’s just that……. a process.  It doesn’t happen in one day and it’s a lifetime commitment. 

There can be struggles though and dealing with them with some dignity is my goal.

Have I been successful? 

Probably not.


Currently I am being treated for arthritis and hypothyroidism.  Leaning more toward hypothyroidism….. Annoying really but let’s continue…. 

There are days that it hurts to even get out of bed or get dressed. 

I’m tired all of the time and the fatigue that I feel can be a bit overwhelming.

My joints ache pretty much continually.


Dizzy spells.

Hair loss….not to mention thinning.

Confusion.  This is a big one for me because I need to be sharp for my job but there have been days that I can’t remember anything!  Makes me feel like I am going crazy!

Constipation.  :/

Don’t even get me started on the weight gain


And these are just the ones that bother me the most.  The other part is that I really don’t have anyone to talk to about it who doesn’t really make me feel like I am faking it.  “Um, why are you so tired all of the time?  It’s just old age, deal with it.  It’s what happens to you when you get older.”

I am okay with aging and getting older but what I am not okay with is feeling like I am going crazy and feeling like I am just making it all up.  As for finding a doctor, I am with my third one and from what I have read about hypothyroidism, finding the right one to help is very difficult.







In the last couple of years, I have put on 30 pounds. 

Now I am sure that some of that is water weight but lets be real.  I like to eat and I have a really large sweet tooth.






At this point, my clothes are starting to not fit.  Which has led to a couple of things.


Boxing some of them up and…

Purchase new ones.

Let’s just say that I have fallen in love with leggings.


The cool thing about this journey? 

I am not giving up. 



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Let’s Talk about Fitness

Lets talk fitness shall we.  This past January I turned 40 and let me just say that fitness at 40 is nothing like fitness at 25.  Gone are the days that I could just pop up out of bed and start my workout.  Gone are the days where if I did a vigorous workout, I didn’t feel it the next day.   And then the next.


So I have to say that my niece painted that flower free-handed.  I love her.


To the moon and back.



Anyway, fitness. 

I really had different thoughts about fitness when I was younger.  I actually didn’t start paying attention to it until I started my weight loss journey.  I was 25.  I would get up early and go to the gym and just walk on the treadmill.  That’s it.  Now?  Oh I still get up early but it’s mainly to get my joints lubricated and get woke up. 

So I’m about to be frank fella’s……  but I think that most of the ones I know reading this wouldn’t expect anything less.

I think that when I noticed my body not reacting the same way to my workouts was a year ago this month.  I had gone to see my parents where they live part-time and um….my….”visitor” was visiting that month and it was a very hard one.  Getting up in the middle of the night.  Twice.  Pain that I had never felt before and just all around different.  This went on for the next couple of months and so I knew that I needed to be seen by my lovely lady doctor.  Oh I knew what was happening and what I am enduring……. pre-menopause. 



Little did I know how much of an impact it was going to have on my life of health and fitness.


I knew that when I started my journey into weight loss and health, I would forever be conscious of what I eat and drink.  Do I always?  No, not always…..I still enjoy life when it comes to food but man can it be exhausting sometimes.  Now, I feel like I need to be more conscious than ever at my age.  At first it felt overwhelming to even think about that part of my life, mainly due to the fact that I wasn’t living right and had other things going on.  But now, other than my relationship with Christ and my family, my health is the most important thing.  I am a firm believer that because I was living an unhealthy lifestyle…..spiritually and physically….these were the main contributors to my depression.  If I’m not careful, I can easily find myself right back there in that very dark place. 

Yeah, gone are those days as I talked about earlier, but I am actually ok with that.  I have my routine and it works for me.  Sometimes I don’t listen to my body very carefully and do something that puts me down for a bit but I have settled it in my heart that I am not 25 and I know what my body can and can’t do. 





I try to follow a Whole 30/Paleo type of lifestyle.  Sometimes it’s 90/10 or 80/20 and depending on the craziness of life, it can be 70/30.

Milk does not like me! 


That’s why I have to limit these babies….. 🙂


I try to listen to my gut (literally) and let it tell me if a certain type of food upsets my tummy. Oh you know what I’m talkin’ about! Poop can tell you eveything you need to know about your gut.  But I promise, if you ever follow either lifestyle (Whole 30 or Paleo) your gut will thank you.  Forever.






Some of my favorites.



What are my favorite workouts?






What it boils down to is this.  I want everything that I do to glorify God and that even means my health.  When I mistreat my body, I am mistreating what God has given me to manage for a time.  I want and need to treat it right. 

Wherever you are right now in your journey or in your Walk and it is including your health and it’s frustrating, stop and take a deep breath and pray. Pray about what you need to do or change in your life that will keep you moving forward. Pray about what foods to eat.  Pray that everything you eat will give you the strength to carry out the plan that He has for you. 

He loves it when we love ourselves enough to do these things.


Goodnight my sweet friends. 🙂

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Dealing with…Anything

Well good morning!  I’m setting here enjoying a protein smoothie (post workout) and a cup of coffee with my mom 🙂



(taken a couple of months back)


I am truly feeling blessed this morning.  Blessed to be alive and blessed beyond measure to still be enjoying my parents.  They’re doing what they love…..RV’ing…….and I still get to spend time with them. 



This is my dad as a baby…. 🙂



This mornings bible study was about anxiety and how we allow it to run our lives.  There is freedom my sweet friends.  There is a way out of anxiety and depression controlling our every decision.  You see, God is not a source of anxiety, fear is.  God also doesn’t intend for us to deal with anxiety.  I mean what exists that you can’t trust God with?  Nothing. 

I don’t have to fret and worry or be anxious for anything when it comes to my BIG God.  He didn’t say, “lay it down gently”.  He said…..”cast your burden down”! 

I want to share just some of the things that might cause us to be anxious or fearful:

  • feeling of inadequacy
  • attempt to change things I have no control over
  • failure to trust God to provide our needs
  • priorities are misplaced
  • attempting to live tomorrow, today

We don’t have to live this way my sweet friends!  


  • You are enough
  • you can’t control everything
  • you can trust God with every need
  • my priority is in Him
  • I can trust Him enough to live just for today!





Ok….. so my best friend is going to kill me for posting this picture!  But I just booked my flight to go see her in October!!!  Agh!!  I can’t wait!  

I told her that I didn’t care if we just took naps and went to Starbucks the entire time I was there…… 

I do think that going trick-or-treating will be apart of the plan…  Aaaaaand, they have a Trader Joe’s! 




Have a beautiful day!

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