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Hey gang!  How’s your week going so far?  I am glad that it’s one day closer to the weekend.  I have to work, but other than that I will be just enjoying the weekend.

I found this on the internet the other day…


I love it.


I got my hair cut!!   After months of trying to get into see my normal hair dresser, I was finally able to get an appointment!  My hair was doing this crazy mullet thing in the back and my bangs were way too long for my liking.  I told her that I was wanting to grow it out and so she cleaned it up and stacked it just a bit in the back.  She also cleaned up my bangs.  I love her.  I really do.



Is it weird to take pictures like this??  lol!


I had to go to Little Rock yesterday for an appointment, but afterward I stopped for a Refresher.


They were out of the Orange and I was heartbroken….I mean really.  I told the guy at the window that I thought I was going to have to break-up with him.  He cried.



Got my workout in when I got home and it felt amazing..  I love lifting.  I love muscles.



A little chocolate milk post workout.  So.good.


I wanted to share a beautiful person with you.  Her name is Nicole and she is family….and she is absolutely beautiful! (not just on the outside).  I don’t know what spurred her on to make some changes in her life when it came to her weight, but she has two beautiful children and a great husband and changes she made.





She works hard and has worked really hard to get to  where she is at right now.  The best part is that her entire family has been apart of it!





Here she is in a pair of pants that she used to wear!  She is in one leg and her friend is in the other!  Crazy!



Beautiful.   I am so proud of you Nicole!

Just remember that you can do it too.  You really just have to make up your mind to do it.  It does take change.  It’s hard and I am sure that Nicole has had really hard moments where she probably just wanted to give up, but you just have to keep going forward.  It takes dedication and perseverance and a little bit of encouragement from someone.





I found this recipe online the other day and wanted to give it a try…….


cubed red potatoes and chicken







It turned out really great!


What you’ll need:

  • Any Italian dressing (I used Ken’s Steakhouse Lite)
  • Chicken (I used Tyson’s frozen cubed chicken)
  • New potatoes


  1. Wash and cut up potatoes
  2. line pan with aluminum foil (I did not and it was a mess)
  3. put chicken and potatoes in glass pan and then pour dressing over
  4. Bake at 400 for about 45-to an hour or until potatoes are tender



*Note*  I baked at 400 not lining the glass pan, but covering it with aluminum foil.  You might turn it down some if you are just going to line the pan and not cover while cooking.



I have to work until 6:00 tonight so it’s a long day, but I am ready to get to work and be productive!  I also have a run scheduled this morning and yoga after work.  I hope you have a great day!


Question:  What new recipes have you tried lately that you are loving!  Share and link up if you want!


What’s for dinner?

How’s your afternoon going?  Mine?  It’s been a whirlwind of a day!   I was texting a friend until after midnight last night so I ended up getting into bed pretty late.  For some reason though I just woke up at 6!  I had a lot to do today, so I just got my day started. 


  • Mow the yard
  • get groceries
  • clean my friends house
  • clean out the fridge (this was not originally on my list, but it needed to be done)
  • laundry
  • run


Doesn’t seem like a whole lot, but it’s filled my day.  Once I got up and enjoyed my coffee, I got right to my workout.  Run run run.  After this, I made the best smoothie!  I am out of frozen bananas so I found some blueberries to put in there.






Once I had the smoothie down, I showered, changed and headed into town to clean my friends house.  After that, I hit the grocery store for some goodies.  While I was there I picked up a Febreeze Gain scented candle, but accidently left it there.  Eeeek!  I also forgot to pick up some laundry detergent and as you can see on my list, laundry had to be done.  So my plan was to mow the yard and then head back into town to pick up the left behind items. 

Mowing the yard. 

The weather today was actually really pretty great.  Yes, it was hot, but the humidity was mild.  So instead of having to split the mowing time up, I was able to finish it all at the same time.  Well, sort of.  There was a small section that I didn’t finish due to really needing some water. 

This took about 2 hours. 


The crazy thing is.  I have been starving for the rest of the day!  I made a chicken salad and literally scarfed down a sandwich! 


I got the things that I needed at the store and have been home ever since.  Laundry is just about done and dinner has been eaten… Smile




Albacore Tuna patty and green beans.


  • 1 large bag of albacore tuna
  • 2 egg whites
  • dash of Cheyenne pepper
  • bit of salt
  • bread crumbs









Now?  I am just relaxing and enjoying the rest of the day….. there isn’t much left of it, but that’s ok.  It’s been a good day!





I hope you have had a great Saturday!  I would have loved to have gone hiking or spent the day on the water, but sometimes you have to wash the clothes and mow the yard.  Smile



How have you spent your Saturday???

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