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Weekend Happenings

You know, I just love the weekends.  I love that we get to relax a little before we start our next week.    It’s kind of like a new start in a way 🙂

And I am aaaaall about new starts!




I can’t believe this month is halfway over and that Christmas is nearly here.  I don’t know about you but I am so not ready for the next few shopping days that we have left. 



This is from last Christmas!  I can’t believe how little my niece and nephew are in this photo!!



I know they probably look the same to you but man time sure does fly!


What are your plans this weekend?

I am going to spend today with my mom and the kiddos doing a little shopping and I am sure I will bake something… 🙂


I would also like to organize my closet some.  The weather changed so drastically here in Arkansas that I haven’t had time to really go through my winters clothes and get them ready.  Plus I am not sure of the winter shoes that I have either. 

I want to try a new recipe.  Something with pumpkin I am sure.

Paint my toe nails.

Plan my meals

Plan my workouts

Have some quiet time that doesn’t actually include the tv and instagram.

Dance 🙂



My brother at our Harvest Party we had a few weekends ago…..  Don’t you love that look?  He looks just like my dad!  And let me say this….I haven’t gotten that look from my dad.  Several times.


My mom and I are going to check out Kirkland’s holiday decor on our outing.   I l.o.v.e. that store! 

I am hoping to pick up a few groceries today too.  I’m in desperate need of some fruit!

What’s your favorite fruit?


In no particular order, here are some of my favorites:

  • apples
  • banana
  • Clementine
  • pineapple
  • strawberries
  • grapes (both red and green)
  • cherries




Just a few things….

Apples:  They have to be cold and crispy!

Bananas:  Very very yellow.  No brown and certainly not green.

Cherries:  Rainier all the way!



Just a little cat humor 🙂


Have an amazing day! 

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