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Let’s Talk about Fitness

Lets talk fitness shall we.  This past January I turned 40 and let me just say that fitness at 40 is nothing like fitness at 25.  Gone are the days that I could just pop up out of bed and start my workout.  Gone are the days where if I did a vigorous workout, I didn’t feel it the next day.   And then the next.


So I have to say that my niece painted that flower free-handed.  I love her.


To the moon and back.



Anyway, fitness. 

I really had different thoughts about fitness when I was younger.  I actually didn’t start paying attention to it until I started my weight loss journey.  I was 25.  I would get up early and go to the gym and just walk on the treadmill.  That’s it.  Now?  Oh I still get up early but it’s mainly to get my joints lubricated and get woke up. 

So I’m about to be frank fella’s……  but I think that most of the ones I know reading this wouldn’t expect anything less.

I think that when I noticed my body not reacting the same way to my workouts was a year ago this month.  I had gone to see my parents where they live part-time and um….my….”visitor” was visiting that month and it was a very hard one.  Getting up in the middle of the night.  Twice.  Pain that I had never felt before and just all around different.  This went on for the next couple of months and so I knew that I needed to be seen by my lovely lady doctor.  Oh I knew what was happening and what I am enduring……. pre-menopause. 



Little did I know how much of an impact it was going to have on my life of health and fitness.


I knew that when I started my journey into weight loss and health, I would forever be conscious of what I eat and drink.  Do I always?  No, not always…..I still enjoy life when it comes to food but man can it be exhausting sometimes.  Now, I feel like I need to be more conscious than ever at my age.  At first it felt overwhelming to even think about that part of my life, mainly due to the fact that I wasn’t living right and had other things going on.  But now, other than my relationship with Christ and my family, my health is the most important thing.  I am a firm believer that because I was living an unhealthy lifestyle…..spiritually and physically….these were the main contributors to my depression.  If I’m not careful, I can easily find myself right back there in that very dark place. 

Yeah, gone are those days as I talked about earlier, but I am actually ok with that.  I have my routine and it works for me.  Sometimes I don’t listen to my body very carefully and do something that puts me down for a bit but I have settled it in my heart that I am not 25 and I know what my body can and can’t do. 





I try to follow a Whole 30/Paleo type of lifestyle.  Sometimes it’s 90/10 or 80/20 and depending on the craziness of life, it can be 70/30.

Milk does not like me! 


That’s why I have to limit these babies….. 🙂


I try to listen to my gut (literally) and let it tell me if a certain type of food upsets my tummy. Oh you know what I’m talkin’ about! Poop can tell you eveything you need to know about your gut.  But I promise, if you ever follow either lifestyle (Whole 30 or Paleo) your gut will thank you.  Forever.






Some of my favorites.



What are my favorite workouts?






What it boils down to is this.  I want everything that I do to glorify God and that even means my health.  When I mistreat my body, I am mistreating what God has given me to manage for a time.  I want and need to treat it right. 

Wherever you are right now in your journey or in your Walk and it is including your health and it’s frustrating, stop and take a deep breath and pray. Pray about what you need to do or change in your life that will keep you moving forward. Pray about what foods to eat.  Pray that everything you eat will give you the strength to carry out the plan that He has for you. 

He loves it when we love ourselves enough to do these things.


Goodnight my sweet friends. 🙂

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Getting ready for the week!

So now that Christmas is over lots of people will be setting some new goals for the New Year.  What goals or things do you want to set for yourself this coming year? 


set and reach goal concept


How in the world does the year go by so fast??  Before you know it, time has flown and you wonder….Did I reach any of the goals that I wanted to meet?  I’ll be honest.  I am horrible at reaching goals or maybe it’s the sticking to it. 

Being a perfectionist sometimes works against me.


Here are some of the things that I want to work on:

  1. Quiet time.  One of the main goals that I have this coming year (and even right now) is to be deliberate in the time that I spend with Christ.  Any type of relationship takes effort and nourishing.  The same can be said for our relationship with Him. 
  2. Eating better.  Get rid of the sugar!! Just meal planning and meal prepping isn’t good enough. I have to stick to that plan and not consume a giant amount of sugar or sugar containing foods.  Don’t get me wrong…..too much restricting can lead to binge eating (for me anyway) but I do think there must be a balance.  For the body to work the way it’s supposed to, it must be fueled properly.
  3. Budget better.  I want to find a budget that works for me.
  4. I want to learn how to make the following: jam, a whole chicken and marshmallows. Of course this will not be eaten together… 😉
  5. Start a cross stitching project.  Years back my mom taught me how to cross stitch and I did lots of little things and a couple of big things but then I just put it down.  I have something that I want to start and so I would like to pick that up again.

There are other things that I want to do and things that I want to invest in.


I did a little meal prepping yesterday:



  • chicken patties cooked with green onions
  • steamed broccoli and cauliflower
  • red potatoes cooked in evoo and green onions
  • broccoli and cauliflower patties
  • carrots


My lunches for the week!


As for my workouts, I am sticking to the 21 Day Fix program and Piyo.  Love these!!






Watching Home Alone with the kids Christmas Day night…  love them!



I had to work Saturday (only three hours) and since it was cold and rainy, this is how I spent the rest of the day. 



This is my sweet man Rocky.  When I took this picture, he was kneading biscuits and he was all business.  This lil guy was found by a neighbor of ours in a fast food restaurants dumpster.  Really?  How can someone actually just throw away an animal? 

Anyway, he’s been with us ever since.  He’s huge but has the wimpiest meow.  🙂







Have a wonderful day!!  🙂

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A little bit of Piyo

(Post from Friday)


Oh my word Happy Friday!!!!   I can not be more happy to see this day!


We are celebrating this lil mans birthday tonight!  I can’t wait for him to see what I got him!  And of course the cake.  I love cake.  🙂

I just love this kid.


This morning when I got up I felt really good!  This getting older stuff I want to do gracefully so I’ll take it when I can get it. 

  • IMG_3185 


For my workout this morning, I did Piyo Buns and holy buns!!  There were a couple of times that I thought, “you know, my legs are going to collapse underneath me!”  lol!

But I really love the Piyo workouts and so I’m gonna stick with it.


I cannot promote this program enough.  Piyo helps you strengthen your muscles and flexibility all the while you are just using your body weight.  I have to admit that when I finish a workout, I feel bad-A.  😉




Another reason that I am so excited that the weekend is here?  Finally getting the decorations out tomorrow and putting up the tree!!


I might even bake these!

Or this…


From Crazy for Crust


Healthy living:

If you have been living the healthy lifestyle for a long time or just now making some healthy decisions, you know that having others around you that make similar decisions is a wonderful feeling.  A really good friend of mine that I work with is making some healthy eating decisions and it helps me so much while I am at work to make better decisions.  She loves Rachel Ray and she loves to cook and she has made some pretty amazing things lately!  It makes me want to get in the kitchen and cook!  Not just bake.  😉

One of the things that I want to try cooking is a whole chicken.  Something that I have never even attempted to cook.  I want to make some cauliflower mash, Brussels sprout salad with cranberries,  roasted sweet potatoes with rosemary.  Doesn’t that sound good?!

Something else that I have never attempted to make….lasagna, the healthy version. 



It’s been cloudy and rainy for about a week now……. I need sunshine!! 🙂


I hope your Friday was wonderful!


Monday Update!

Afternoon!!  Just checking in to see how you are doing and for a quick update.  Things are still pretty busy at work but I took today off to have a long weekend.  I was going to go see my parents but it didn’t quite work out that way.  I am going to go see them soon! 

I feel so out of the loop when it comes to blog reading and posting.  I wish I had more time to read and surf like I did. 

Just a quick update in pictures…



My first attempt a Paleo chocolate chip cookies!


























One of the things I am going to focus on in the coming weeks is balancing out my meals better.  I do great for breakfast and lunch but when I get home and my brain is fried, I just want to chill out and not even think about eating.  Even when I meal plan and prep!

Focus time!!





True story.  Last week.  At work.



This and a Friday night date made me smile… Mrs. Brenda I know you read and I just wanted to tell you that Robert and I had a wonderful time! Winking smile   He’s a kind man and was a perfect gentlemen. 





This lil guy makes it very difficult to get up in the morning….



So ready for fall to get here!  Made some Pumpkin bread this past weekend and took it to church!

Recipe can be found at: Two Peas & Their Pod 

It’s actually a muffin recipe but I made it into a quick bread!

So so good!!





He’s growing up so fast! 


I hope you are having a wonderful day!  Smile


A Sense of Peace

Good morning my lovelies!   How are you this Sunday morning?  I am feeling just a bit under the weather but other than that I feel great! 





This busy week came to and end and for some reason I just felt off.  I think that it was because I was off Monday and Tuesday and then only worked for three days.  It’s also the first of the month and that means in my line of work it’s super busy!  I was glad it came to an end! 

One of the things that I was reminded of this week?  God really does know what is best for us.  Sometimes we can be so blind by our own desires that we don’t really see that it might just not be what God wants for us.  It causes us to react in ways that just aren’t godly.  It causes us to compromise in ways that we just didn’t think that we would. 

What it boils down to is that He knows our future and plans and if they are not what He want, He will move us into the direction that brings us closer to Him.  If there is anything in our lives that brings us turmoil, it’s not of Him.

We really have to love ourselves enough to know that we deserve so much better.  Don’t settle for second best.  Don’t be selfish but selfless.  There really is beauty and strength in following God’s will for your life and that my friend is incredible and peaceful.





AS I said that last time we talked, I joined a gym!  And guess what?  I love it!!! 




I’m not fond of body shots but isn’t the locker room great!?!  It’s so nice and everyone is really nice!!

I love how close it is to my work and to my  house.  It’s just minutes and it’s on my way home from work……this give me no excuses to not making it!



This is me getting ready for the Pump class……which I adore.   60 minutes of sweat!



Pretty much my go to recovery snack.


My lunches during the week:




I have also started something new this past week!  First let me address that it is not specifically to help me lose the 15-20 pounds that have crept back on.  It’s mainly because I just want to feel good!  And to help with some of the cravings that I have been having for a while now. 




My favorite!



I really think I have a problem with collecting Starbucks coffee cups…!!  Lol Winking smile 

It’s so beautiful this morning!








I hope you have an amazing Sunday and remember that you are a unique and meticulously created person!

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