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Health in a nutshell

Starting off by saying that it’s been a while is an understatement..  lol 🙂  But it has.  Sometimes you just need to take a break and that’s okay. 


So what’s been happing lately?

Let’s talk life shall we.

And health. 

In one month I will be 41 years old!  It’s hard to believe that I’m on the “other” side of that hill.  You’re only as old as you feel though right?  Just because I am getting older doesn’t mean that I can stop growing and maturing. 


Health and Fitness

Holy cow this part of my life has been a journey!  I can remember making the decision to lose weight and get healthy.  I have loved finding out what works for me and I have also loved finding new ways to do this.  There have been ups and downs let me tell ya.  There have been days that I have forgotten the process of getting healthy and that it’s just that……. a process.  It doesn’t happen in one day and it’s a lifetime commitment. 

There can be struggles though and dealing with them with some dignity is my goal.

Have I been successful? 

Probably not.


Currently I am being treated for arthritis and hypothyroidism.  Leaning more toward hypothyroidism….. Annoying really but let’s continue…. 

There are days that it hurts to even get out of bed or get dressed. 

I’m tired all of the time and the fatigue that I feel can be a bit overwhelming.

My joints ache pretty much continually.


Dizzy spells.

Hair loss….not to mention thinning.

Confusion.  This is a big one for me because I need to be sharp for my job but there have been days that I can’t remember anything!  Makes me feel like I am going crazy!

Constipation.  :/

Don’t even get me started on the weight gain


And these are just the ones that bother me the most.  The other part is that I really don’t have anyone to talk to about it who doesn’t really make me feel like I am faking it.  “Um, why are you so tired all of the time?  It’s just old age, deal with it.  It’s what happens to you when you get older.”

I am okay with aging and getting older but what I am not okay with is feeling like I am going crazy and feeling like I am just making it all up.  As for finding a doctor, I am with my third one and from what I have read about hypothyroidism, finding the right one to help is very difficult.







In the last couple of years, I have put on 30 pounds. 

Now I am sure that some of that is water weight but lets be real.  I like to eat and I have a really large sweet tooth.






At this point, my clothes are starting to not fit.  Which has led to a couple of things.


Boxing some of them up and…

Purchase new ones.

Let’s just say that I have fallen in love with leggings.


The cool thing about this journey? 

I am not giving up. 



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