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Life Happens

How is it that a few weeks could go by and you feel like it was an instant?  A brief moment.  A season. 


I love this quote.  Mainly because life really does just happen.  There are high moments and there are low moments.  Life can be confusing and it can also be overwhelming.  Lots of times I could be one decision away from wanting to close the doors to my heart and remain in darkness.  To feel the coldness of the dark on my face.  Not speaking.  Not feeling.

But what kind of life is that? 

It’s not one.

No matter how we plan our lives out and what we expect it to look like, God will turn it into something that we couldn’t have even imagined.  Something amazing. 



Here’s the thing.  God is not surprised when I mess up, nor is He surprised when I do something amazing.  I am His daughter.  He loved me (and you) before the entire world was in form.

We just have to let him work in our lives.  We have to make deliberate choices to smile instead of cry.  Deliberate choices to love each other and ourselves enough to want better instead of darkness.


Oh my brothers and sisters how He loves us!  We don’t have to be in darkness, shame and regret for a certain amount of time before He’ll love us again.  There isn’t anything that you or I can do that will take that love away from us. 

God is interested in the finished product.  He’s already seen it.  His eternal purpose is to bring us into the image and likeness of Jesus Christ.

He will do anything in His power to tell you;

I love you

I love you

I love you

I love you


The best part?

His love never fails. 



This sweet, amazing, beautiful girl turns 11 on the 30th! 



My dad and nephew Dalton





Food and Fitness:

The past few weeks have been up and down when it comes to food and fitness.  Lately, I have found my inner child and have rekindled my love for pop tarts.  Strawberry and blueberry.  Oh the struggle. 

Is very real.

My parents have been home this weekend and my dad so kindly made me some chili to eat on for the coming week.  Meal prep done!!  🙂



As for fitness, I will be doing a hybrid of weight training, Piyo and Insanity Max 30 (modification only).  With the joint issues and stiffness I am having, I will be listening closely to my body. 

Sleep!!  I will be getting back on a better sleep schedule.  I go to bed early but it’s getting up at 3:30 or 4 to start my day when I really don’t have to, is starting to wear on me.



Please go check out this song! 


Happy Sunday my friends. 

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Let’s Talk about Fitness

Lets talk fitness shall we.  This past January I turned 40 and let me just say that fitness at 40 is nothing like fitness at 25.  Gone are the days that I could just pop up out of bed and start my workout.  Gone are the days where if I did a vigorous workout, I didn’t feel it the next day.   And then the next.


So I have to say that my niece painted that flower free-handed.  I love her.


To the moon and back.



Anyway, fitness. 

I really had different thoughts about fitness when I was younger.  I actually didn’t start paying attention to it until I started my weight loss journey.  I was 25.  I would get up early and go to the gym and just walk on the treadmill.  That’s it.  Now?  Oh I still get up early but it’s mainly to get my joints lubricated and get woke up. 

So I’m about to be frank fella’s……  but I think that most of the ones I know reading this wouldn’t expect anything less.

I think that when I noticed my body not reacting the same way to my workouts was a year ago this month.  I had gone to see my parents where they live part-time and um….my….”visitor” was visiting that month and it was a very hard one.  Getting up in the middle of the night.  Twice.  Pain that I had never felt before and just all around different.  This went on for the next couple of months and so I knew that I needed to be seen by my lovely lady doctor.  Oh I knew what was happening and what I am enduring……. pre-menopause. 



Little did I know how much of an impact it was going to have on my life of health and fitness.


I knew that when I started my journey into weight loss and health, I would forever be conscious of what I eat and drink.  Do I always?  No, not always…..I still enjoy life when it comes to food but man can it be exhausting sometimes.  Now, I feel like I need to be more conscious than ever at my age.  At first it felt overwhelming to even think about that part of my life, mainly due to the fact that I wasn’t living right and had other things going on.  But now, other than my relationship with Christ and my family, my health is the most important thing.  I am a firm believer that because I was living an unhealthy lifestyle…..spiritually and physically….these were the main contributors to my depression.  If I’m not careful, I can easily find myself right back there in that very dark place. 

Yeah, gone are those days as I talked about earlier, but I am actually ok with that.  I have my routine and it works for me.  Sometimes I don’t listen to my body very carefully and do something that puts me down for a bit but I have settled it in my heart that I am not 25 and I know what my body can and can’t do. 





I try to follow a Whole 30/Paleo type of lifestyle.  Sometimes it’s 90/10 or 80/20 and depending on the craziness of life, it can be 70/30.

Milk does not like me! 


That’s why I have to limit these babies….. 🙂


I try to listen to my gut (literally) and let it tell me if a certain type of food upsets my tummy. Oh you know what I’m talkin’ about! Poop can tell you eveything you need to know about your gut.  But I promise, if you ever follow either lifestyle (Whole 30 or Paleo) your gut will thank you.  Forever.






Some of my favorites.



What are my favorite workouts?






What it boils down to is this.  I want everything that I do to glorify God and that even means my health.  When I mistreat my body, I am mistreating what God has given me to manage for a time.  I want and need to treat it right. 

Wherever you are right now in your journey or in your Walk and it is including your health and it’s frustrating, stop and take a deep breath and pray. Pray about what you need to do or change in your life that will keep you moving forward. Pray about what foods to eat.  Pray that everything you eat will give you the strength to carry out the plan that He has for you. 

He loves it when we love ourselves enough to do these things.


Goodnight my sweet friends. 🙂

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My Story

I have to admit….. I’m a little obsessed with this song by Big Daddy Weave.  Have you heard it?  If you haven’t, you really should stop what you are doing and go listen to it…

It’s okay….

I’ll wait…



The first part of the song goes like this:

If I told you my story, you would hear Hope that wouldn’t let go.

If I told you my story, you would hear Love that never gave up.

If I told you my story, you would hear Life, but it wasn’t mine.


Hope.  Love.  Life.

Some amazing things right? 

If you were asked to tell story, what would you say?  How would you describe the things that you have been through?  Would you be embarrassed?  Ashamed?  Proud?  Or, would you feel anything?

I spent a very long time feeling so ashamed of the things that I had done and was doing.  Wanting so desperately to hide under a rock or feeling like everyone knew your past…….I mean, they must know right??


Here’s what I know.  

Once I recognized my life was spirally out of control, I cried out to the only one that I could cry out to.  No matter how we try to fill our lives of things that make us feel good or things that don’t make us feel good, we just do them because we feel we deserve the worst. 

But then guess what happens…  Hope enters.  It enters in a way that crumbles the feelings of shame and regret.  It breaks down every barrier of anger and sadness and hopelessness that you feel.  Hope makes way for Love.


The kind of Love that enters into your life even when you can barely drag yourself out of the miry clay.  The kind of Love that says, “I don’t care what you’ve done. I love you no matter what.”   Love makes way for Life.

Life.  Not your life mind you.  It’s Jesus’ life being lived out in you.  The kind of Life that tells everyone that something is different about her or him. 

Life that spills out because you can’t contain it.




I think that sometimes we as Christians have forgotten how to live as victors.  We have victory over our past sins!  They’re gone my sweet friends.  That’s what Jesus died for.  God desperately wants a relationship with us.  He loves us beyond what we can even comprehend. 



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Be Imitators

Living in a world and in a society that looks at weight, dress and your looks as the most important quality a person has, it’s kinda hard to be imitators of Christ.  My niece is about to have her 11th birthday and I know that she will face things at her age that I and her parents didn’t dream of facing at that age. 



I’ll be honest.  Even at my age I still face the issues of weight, looks and dress.  If I’m not careful, I will covet what other women have and want to look a certain way.  Other than what God has intended for me to look like.

When Paul said in Ephesians 5 for us to be “imitators” of Christ, I don’t think he was talking about our looks.  Can I get an Amen! 

In every relationship that I have pursued, I have wanted for that other person to complete me.  To give me this amazing reason to get up in the morning and move toward something.  To change myself for that person. 




This mornings bible study centered on walking in love.  Not the kind of love that the world says is ok but the kind of love that always gives and never takes away.  We are designed by God for love….. to give love and to be loved.

We live in the flesh yes, but the Spirit of God allows us to love others and to love someone the right way.  We can’t pick and choose who we love and we sure can’t work up the ability to love others. 

For me, I find that I am in a place where all that I want to do is desperately get to know and love God more and more.  I want it to consume everything about my life.  I have found that I don’t like myself very much when I am in a relationship or pursuing one.  I become this version of me that God did not intend.  Does that mean that my prince charming isn’t out there?  I don’t know but I am not going to waste my time running after one until God says that I am ready. 

I’ve tried to look for love in so many other things that I nearly lost myself.  I could have continued down that path of despair hoping that in the end I would find what I was looking for but if it wasn’t the love of Christ, then it would be false. 




We as His children are accepting the worlds view of love.  We are accepting lifestyles that are totally unbecoming to believers.  We’re accepting habits, attitudes, language and music that is totally diabolically against all mighty God.

It’s empty view.




So what do we do? 

We don’t compromise.

We do the right thing, even when everyone else thinks it’s weird.

We love others, even when they are not loveable.

When we’re talked about or made fun of, we give them the other cheek.

We remember who gives us life.

We remember who created the true meaning of Love.

We trust and know that there is a place in our hearts that only Christ belongs and nothing else will fit there.

We encourage each other.

We speak with authority about our faith.  He’s given us that power!

We remember that no matter how lonely or alone we may feel, we are never that. 

He is with us all the time.  From the moment we wake up to the moment we fall asleep, He has taken every step with us.  Makes me think about where I take Him.




Please know that if you don’t feel loved today…. He loves you and so do I. 

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Make Jesus Famous

Do you ever have those moments of clarity when you know exactly why you are here and what your purpose is?  The bible study’s that I have been doing are specifically pointing to just that.  Purpose.  Salt and Light.  Making an impact.  Aware of Gods presence at all times.  Remembering that I am His in difficult times. 

I was listening to KLove yesterday and the Encouraging Story came on and the young woman speaking said these words, “we are here to love people and make Jesus famous.”



Why is it then that we stress ourselves out trying to figure out what were are to be doing with our lives?  I have realized and know that as long as I love Christ and continue to seek Him and put Him first, the rest will come. 


In the midst of really difficult times, I will praise Him.

In the really amazing times, I will praise Him.

In times of confusion, I will trust Him.

In times of sadness and despair, I will trust Him.

In times of anger and frustration, I will wait for Him to show up.

Because He will.








I want to live my life 100% aware that God is present and that He isn’t just interesting in meeting my needs, He wants a relationship with me.  He wants to come into my life and consume every part of it.  My home life, my work life, my relationships, my friendships, my attitude, my words.  Everything. 

Because we are treasures to Him.

He loves us just the way we are.

He catches us every time we fall.

He wants to share in our experiences.

He never leaves.




He intends to change peoples lives through us. 


So lets make Jesus famous.  Lets be bold and courageous.  Lets declare His love to others with the authority He has already given us. 

He can see all the way to the end my sweet friends.


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