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No matter what you or I have done, Grace accepts us.

Undeserved, yes, but there is so much beauty in realizing that the act of Jesus giving up everything so that our sins are covered… that’s grace.




Grace tells me that I am loved beyond all reason.

Grace tells me that I am worth it.

Grace tells me that I will always be loved by someone.

Grace tells me that I am a princess.

Grace tells me that I am extraordinary.

Grace tells me that my past is dead and buried.

Grace tells me that I can be who God created me to be.

Grace tells me that in the end, negative words from someone else will never matter.


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Have a beautiful day 🙂

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He Is

I have seen this several times but I wanted to share it with you this morning.  Lately, I have needed a reminder of who God is.  I have forgotten that our purpose is to love Him and have a relationship with Him.  All the other stuff?  Extras and blessings.


Who’s Your Daddy?

Remembering Who you belong to in trying times.


He is the first and the last

The beginning and the end.

He’s the Keeper of Creation and the Creator of all.

He’s the architect of the universe and the manager of all time.

He always was, always is and always will be.




and never undone.

He was bruised but brought healing.

He was pierced but eased pain.

He was persecuted but brought freedom.

He was dead and brings life.

He is risen to bring power!

And He reigns to bring peace.

The world can’t understand Him.

Armies can’t defeat Him.

Schools can’t explain Him

And leaders, they can’t ignore Him.

Herod couldn’t kill Him.

Nero couldn’t crush Him.

The new age cannot replace Him

And Oprah cannot explain Him away.


You remind yourself that His life, His love, He is longevity and He is the Lord.

He is goodness and kindness and faithfulness

And He is God.

He is holy and righteous and powerful and pure.

His ways are right.

His Word eternal

His will unchanging

And His mind is on us.

He’s our savior, our guide, our peace, our joy, our comfort, our Lord

And He rules our lives.

I serve Him because

His bond is love

His yoke is easy

His burden is light

and His goal for us is abundant life.

I follow Him because

He’s the wisdom of the wise.

The power of the powerful.

The ancient of days.

The ruler of all rulers

The leader of all leaders.

His goal is a relationship with me.

He’ll never leave you

Never forsake you

Never mislead you

Never forget you

Never overlook you

and never cancel your appointment is His appointment book.


When you fall, He’ll lift you up.

When you fail, He’ll forgive you.

When you’re weak, Hs is strong.
When you’re lost, He is your way.

When you’re afraid, He’s your courage.

When you stumble, He will steady you.

When you’re hurt, He’s gonna heal you.

When you’re broken, He will mend you.

When you’re blind, He will lead you.

When you’re hungry, He will feed you.

When you face trials, He is with you.

When I face persecution, He shields me.

When I face problems, He will comfort me.

When I face loss, He will provide for me.

And when we face death, He will carry us all home to meet Him.

He is everything

for everybody


every time

and in every way.

He is your God.

That sisters, is Who you belong to. 



He is by Priscilla Shire

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Just Some News!

I have some exciting news to share!!  I got a new job! 



No more cubicle!!

I will still be working for the same company but now I will be doing something different and I am so excited!!  I will be working in our Equipment Loan department as a loan assistant! 

This is such and answer to a prayer! 

I have been really struggling personally with my job, job performance and job atmosphere, that when this job became available, I new I had to apply.  I went for my interview about a little over a week ago and it went really well. 

I. Just. Can’t. Wait!






I hope your day is amazing!!

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Hello my sweet friends! 



Today I wanted to talk about what has been on my heart lately. 


It’s such a beautiful word isn’t it? 


For in him all the fullness of God was pleased to dwell, and through him to reconcile to himself all things, whether on earth or in heaven, making peace by the blood of his cross.  And you, who once were alienated and hostile in mind, doing evil deeds, he has now reconciled in his body of flesh by his blameless and above reproach before him, if indeed you continue in the faith, stable and steadfast, not shifting from the hope of the gospel that you heard, which has been proclaimed in all creation under heaven, and of which I, Paul, became a minister.

Colossians 1:19-23




How does a believer respond to being hurt, rejected, offended and abused?

Every reconciliation, requires the death of someone else.  The one who is offended takes the first step. 

The one who is offended takes the initiative and must choose to die to self.  Self desire.  Self ambition.  Selfish ways. 

The one who is wronged has to be willing to suffer criticism, blame, accusations, rejection and ridicule. 

Change of attitude must occur.

We must reach out in forgiving love to the other person.


We cannot mix light and darkness.

When we have sin in our lives, we are trying to mix the two.  By tolerating sin, we become miserable and try to work with something that doesn’t fit.  He will not give you peace with sin in your life. 

We can always blame something on someone else but what it comes down to is your relationship with Jesus. 

If we answer the knock at the door, He will come into our lives and completely transform it. 

He will love us like we’ve never been loved before.

He’ll change us.

He’ll clean our lives up.

He’ll give us peace.






Have a beautiful day!

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Keep Going

Happy Sunday to you!!

I just got home from church and I wanted to share something that was on my mind 🙂


Let me remind you today my dear friends. 

No matter how dark.

No matter how hard.

No matter how difficult.

No matter how life altering.

No matter how much the sorrow hurts.


You can know and cling to the fact that Jesus loves you and He can restore you. 


Cling to the promises that are true.

And when you think that you can’t go on.

He will give you just enough strength to keep going….

and keep going

and keep going.


This song is life right now….. I love it and just can’t get enough of it. 

Hands That Are Holding Me by Meredith Andrews






This is happening Monday!! 

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