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Labor Day!!

Well morning my friends!  Happy Labor Day to you! 






I actually slept in this morning until nearly 8:00!  I couldn’t believe it…..Even after going to bed at 9:30.  It was glorious! 


Today is also my dad’s birthday!


My dad at my nephews birthday


Happy birthday dad, I love you very much!



I have gone a lot this weekend so I am pretty excited that today I will just be relaxing and piddling.  I will also be getting my meals together for the week and doing a little cooking.  Having today off with certainly throw off the week in the banking world, but I am thankful to have the day off. 


As far as workouts go, this is what my week looks like:


  • Monday:    Pump Extreme/55 minutes
  • Tuesday:   ab routine/45 minute run
  • Wednesday:   Pump and Shred/45 minutes
  • Thursday:   Rest
  • Friday:   Yoga/ab routine (40 minutes total)
  • Saturday:   Pump Extreme/55 minutes
  • Sunday:   60 minute walk (30 minute run into walk)



Can you believe that it’s September?  Crazy right?  I was just telling my brother that in a few weeks it will be the first day of Fall.  What will my goals be for September?  More of the same.  One of the things that I have learned is that you have to pick something that works for you when it comes to this lifestyle.  Both with food and exercising.  Find something that you love and that makes you happy to do! 

What I find that can be overwhelming is that there is so much out there.  A lot of people telling you what will work, what won’t…..things like that.  Consistency is what will make the difference.  When you start a program, have the patience enough to stick it out for a while.  Don’t program hop, if that makes sense.  Give it time and you will see a difference. 

But, love yourself enough to start one! 


I am out to get my sweat on!


I hope you have a wonderful day!!

Any big plans for Labor Day??


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