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Marvelous in the Small things..

Hey hey… It’s Monday….  Nuff said. Smile     It actually has been a really good day. 



It’s the small things Smile


It was so nice when I was at lunch that I decided to take advantage of one of the sidewalks where I work. 





Marvelous In My Monday!!

Thank you so much to Katie for these Marvelous Mondays!



Marvelous is only having to work four days this week.  As I said in my last post, Thursday is my Friday.  Excited.Beyond.Measure.  I really am…  I am driving up to North Arkansas to see my parents and to spend some much needed time outside.  I love taking this drive!  It only takes a few hours, but I love to stop along the way and take pictures.  There is a Starbucks along the way and I am sure that I will make a pit stop.  I am pretty excited about getting out of town Smile


Marvelous is Pump.  Holy cow I love this workout!  Sunday I dug the directional DVD out and went through some techniques and I just love it.  It was a 25 minute workout, but when I got up this morning I was sore!  Today’s workout went well and it was 30 minutes of squats, lifts.  Holy legs.


Marvelous is getting a call from your best friend at 5:30 this morning.  I was just about to start my workout when the phone rang and when I saw her number I was both happy and concerned.  She is never up that early.  Her little boy has pneumonia and was in the hospital this morning!  Concern warranted.   Poor lil man…  It was good to talk to her even under the circumstances.  I did get a text from her this afternoon letting me know that he was going home once he ate. 


Marvelous is Iron Man 3.  I must admit that I am a Marvels Avengers fan.  Thor, Iron Man, and Captain America.  I’m a fan.  A friend of mine and I went to see Iron Man 3 Friday of last week and it was so good!  There was even a preview of Thor 2.  I heart Robert Downey Jr. 





Marvelous is my friend Angey!    She ran in her first 5K this past Saturday and she came in third in her age group!  She also ran it in 24:57!!  She’s amazing!


Marvelous is feeling whole again.  I wake up with joy in my heart again!  I look forward to smiling and I look forward to spending time in God’s word.  I want to experience new things!  I want to laugh and I want to feel.  I love my church family so much.  Drawing strength from people that I worship with is such an amazing thing and I just thank them so much. 


Marvelous is going to see the ocean.  I’m serious.  I have never seen it…….in person.  I have flown over the ocean, but I have never put my feet in it.  My brother and his family are going on vacation in two weeks and they will be going to Fort Morgan Alabama… what do I do?  I tag along that is what I do!!  I am going to drive up the weekend that they go and stay a few days with them.  They will be staying in a beach house right on the….um….well the beach!  I am pretty excited about to say the least.  Two weeks!! 




Well that’s it folks!  I am out…..getting into bed early tonight Smile


What’s been marvelous about your Monday??



Thank you so much to Katie for sponsoring this Marvelous in My Monday! 






Morning my friends!   It’s Monday!  I know, I know…  it’s the dreaded Monday, but something that I am having to learn all over again is that there is something marvelous in everyday.  I have a full day ahead of me so I am going to get right to it.


Marvelous is the fact that I got to spend some time with my friend Angey over the weekend and it made me happy.  Seeing her was great and running with he was even better.  One of the advantages of running with someone is that if kind of pushes you a bit. 


Marvelous is the fact that I had a movie date with my dad last night.  We watched Argo together….. Father/daughter time trumps spending time with a boyfriend any day.


Marvelous is a Versatile Blogger Nomination! Melissa at Freeing Imperfections Nominated me for the award and this totally brought a smile to my face!  I love her blog so much!  I just happened to stumble upon it and I am so glad that I did.  I love what she stand for and I think that her struggles with and topics on being a Perfectionist are spot on.  Go check her out!



I will do a separate post on the Versatile Blogger Award



Marvelous is the fact that I have my first race this weekend!  I am so excited to be able to do this and can’t wait to post my first race recap! 


Marvelous is the fact that I also have a day off this week….  I took Wednesday off to go to the Air Base in Jacksonville AR with my parents…. Smile  I mean who couldn’t stand to see men in uniform?  We are also going to do a little grocery shopping.


Marvelous is the bowl of oatmeal that I am going to eat this morning….. I really love oatmeal and the possibilities are endless when it comes to adding stuff to it.  What’s your favorite thing to add to oats??

I hope you guys have a Marvelous Day! 


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