Faith Fitness and Laughter

Ready to go!

Well hey there!  How’s your week going so far?  I have two weeks remaining at my current position and it seems to be going by really fast, but I am so excited to start my new journey.   I actually had the opportunity to start training this past Saturday and really enjoyed it!  I was able to see where my desk will be and met some of the staff that I’ll be working with.  Smile

Change is scary, but it can also be exciting.  I think that even when it’s scary, there is a sense of excitement. 


One of the other changes that I have been contemplating is a change here on my blog.  My life is going in a completely different direction lately and I want this place to reflect that.  Oh I want it to incorporate my faith, fitness and laughter, but I also want it to incorporate more.  Things that women my age are faced with while living in faith and fitness and laughter. 

Just something that I have been thinking about. 



I picked up some chicken burgers the other day at the store and I love them!  As you can see, I also like pickles!


The other day on my way home from work I stopped to take this picture…



I pass this house twice a day going to and coming from work and I have never stopped to look at it.  I noticed the flowers and how they were in a straight line and I thought, “you know, someone must have planted them that way.”  Then I noticed, of course, that no one obviously lives there and hasn’t for a long time and I thought how much history must be there.  That someone took the time to plant the flowers that way.  I wonder how it looked when it had someone living in it.  I think it’s quite quaint if you ask me. 





So I am about to get my sweat on and I thought I forgot to tell you what else is going on at work!  We are doing this really cool fitness challenge called Blue and You Fitness.  It’s through the insurance company that we have and I love it!

You first sign up for the challenge by joining a team.  I joined a team that is nearby where I live and will be working called, #No Excuses.  You then commit to work out for 30 minutes a day and by doing so you earn points! 

So as you can probably guess I am about to get my sweat on…



queue chocolate….  lol!   We had a customer come in yesterday morning and drop off some chocolate.  We love our customers!  Of course we waited to dig into them because it was still morning.  Okay…..Who am I kidding….we tore into them!! 



I just ask that you bare with me.  There are lots of changes going on in my life right now and I want it to reflect in my blog.  I just don’t know what that looks like yet.  I want to post more and lately I just don’t find it exciting nor do I have a lot of time to do so anymore.  I am hoping that when things settle down at work and I get on more of a routine I will have time to do so.

Hang in there with me. 


Don’t forget to work out today!!  And drink water.  And hug somebody.  And wave at a stranger.  Stop to take a picture of an abandoned house.

Have a good day!!


Question for you bloggers:  How do you balance blogging and life?  Especially when life gets crazy??



P.S.  I found this brownie in a mug recipe the other day that I’ll be sharing with you soon!! 


Slow Down!

Happy Monday to you! 




Saturday went by super fast!  I worked and then headed to the grocery store to get a few things and made it home around 1:30.  I had borrowed my bosses push mower several months back so I had to load it up into my car and take it back to him later in the day.  The mower is pretty heavy and I didn’t have anyone to help me lift it so I did it all by myself.  Ugh.  I think that I might have stressed my lower back because it’s felt a bit tense ever since. 

On my way home from dropping it off I stopped by my brothers house to see the kiddos and to chat for a bit.  Then, it was back home for some quiet time.

I watched a movie and then went onto bed.


Sunday morning I slept in until 7:15 and that was glorious!  After church this morning I stopped by the store……again…… to pick up the ingredients to make Turkey quinoa burgers.  Want to see what I did yesterday afternoon??













Just a little food prep going on…

  • Quinoa turkey burgers
  • extra quinoa
  • steamed broccoli
  • fresh peaches


Turkey burgers:

  • 1 pound of turkey meat (93/7)
  • 2 egg whites
  • 1/2 cup of cooked quinoa
  • bread crumbs
  • ground Cheyenne pepper



I did managed to get some yoga in Saturday morning.  I actually didn’t feel like a goober or a klutz doing it!




Creeper in the kitchen!


I will admit that I am starting to feel a bit run down.  When I got up this morning, my entire body just hurt.  My left wrist is also swollen, but I am not sure how that happened.  My natural instinct is to just push through the pain and workout, but I’m not going to.  I think it’s crazy how I used to torture my body.  I’ll be honest, there are days that I forget that I am 38 and can’t do the things that I used to without some kind of pain.  But, I am also in the best shape of my life and can do things that I would have never dreamed of doing.  That said, I do think that it’s important to slow down a bit. 

My goal yesterday was to give my lower back a break and what did I do?  I mowed the entire yard, cleaned the carpet in one of the bedrooms, and did some other cleaning. 

I get off at 4:00 today and I think that I am going to do a long yoga session when I get home.  I have some different sessions and one in particular is for stress and just nice deep stretching.  Nothing strenuous. 




Question:  Is it hard for you to slow down and take a break?



I hope you have a great day!!


My nights and days

After an afternoon of appointments and mowing the yard, I was beat by 7:45 last night!  I chose to sleep in yesterday morning and opted for my workout in the afternoon as well.  I have a run scheduled for in the morning, so I have my running gear all laid out!

Do you do that?  Lay your clothes out for the next day?  I do.  Here’s the thing.  I am so time conscientious it’s not even funny.  Just ask my co-workers and family……and friends.  Lol!  The night before I get my meals all ready for the next day, what I can anyway, and I get my clothes laid out as well.  Even my workout clothes. 


Here’s a step by step of what my night and morning looks like:


1.  If I know that I am going to workout in the morning, I get my mixer ready for my smoothie and I also prepare my lunch/snacks ready for the next day.

2. Lay out my clothes for the next day

If I run:

  • running shorts or capris
  • IPhone/IPod
  • shoes
  • socks
  • tank top
  • sports bra




 If I am strength training:

  • shoes
  • socks
  • tank top
  • shorts
  • sports bra
  • Pump equipment; barbell and weights


I also get my work clothes ready for the next day as well. 


3.  I get a cup with a straw in it and my coffee cup ready for the morning.  I start my morning off with some nice cold water!

4.  If I don’t have plans, I usually just read or watch a little tv before going onto bed.

5.  I really like to do my devotions in the morning.  It doesn’t always happen that way, but I like to do that.  Currently I am following Colossians over at She Reads Truth.

6.  As I drink my first cup of coffee I then blog a bit and catch up on some of the headlines. 

7.  It’s then at this time that I get my workout in!




8.  Shower

9.  Smoothie




10.  Finish up and head out the door!


Before I step out the door, I make an effort to think about how I would like to encourage that day.  Even if it’s just a “hello”.   You just never know what someone is dealing with or going through and a simple hello could make all the difference.  I know it has in my life. 








I think that I put Cayenne pepper on everything!





Whatever you do today, make it a good day.  Make the most of every moment that you are given.  You are not promised another moment. 


Smell the roses

Say hello to a stranger

If you like someone, tell them

If you love someone, tell them that too

Take your shoes off and go barefoot

Enjoy the outside

Enjoy the inside

Give someone a hug

Laugh out loud

Lend a hand

Eat something new

Love yourself


Have a wonderful day gang!


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