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Morning!!   Happy Wednesday to you!  Smile     Ahh, that’s one of the disadvantages of holidays that fall on a Monday….  The week gets a bit thrown off.  But, I am totally ok with that.  Yesterday was the third and the day after a holiday, so in the banking world that makes for a super busy day.  It wasn’t too bad though. 


I had my run yesterday morning and it felt great to run.  I will be so glad when some of this humidity goes away because running in the afternoon is pretty brutal.  To get me through my runs I have revamped my running songs and thought I would share them with ya…



  1. Can’t hold Us:  Macklemore
  2. Feel This Moment:  Pitbull
  3. The A Team:   Ed Sherran
  4. My Songs Know What you do in the dark:   Fall Out Boy
  5. Remember The Name:   Fort Minor
  6. Wings:   Little Mix
  7. I Need Your Love:   Calvin Harris (featuring Ellie Goulding)
  8. Wake Me Up:   Avicill


Ed Sherran doesn’t seem like your typical running song, but it fits my pace perfectly.  My new favorite songs to run to are: Can’t Hold Us and Wake Me Up,  If you haven’t heard of Avicill, stop what you are doing and YouTube this song! (scroll down)



So how’s your week going?  Good I hope.  One of the coolest things that I did Monday was stop by my brothers house and spend some time with this little girl…




We went on a trip to the store for some birthday ideas….Her birthday is coming up at the end of this month so of course she had to show me some of the things that she wants.  We hit the make-up isle, fingernail polish, movies, posters, books, crafts and um……I know there is something that I am forgetting. 





I have this running joke with a co-worker about eating healthy so when I came across this pictures, I thought of her…








I am off to get my workout in before work so I will check you guys later!  I hope you have a wonderful day!


Question:  What’s your favorite running song right now??


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