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Some of my favorites

Well hello there people, how are you?   I hope you had a wonderful weekend!  The weekend was pretty short on my front, but it was a great one.  Friday was a blur at work due to the fact that we were non-stop and Saturday from 9-12 was no different.  Busy Busy Busy. 

Sunday was a rest day for me and it felt great to have nothing scheduled.  Saturday morning I got some yoga in before work and then had a run later in the day.  Both felt great!  Something else that felt great was the fact that I got about 10 hours of sleep Saturday night.  That felt amazing! 

Last night however, I tossed and turned.  Do you ever do that?  Get some amazing sleep one night and then spotty sleep the next? 


I also am (and will be) making some much needed changes  to FF&L….  I wanted something a little more friendly to the eyes! 


Coming up:


A trip.  My best friend that moved to Ohio last year will finally be in their house in October!  So, I am planning a trip to see her!  I really can’t wait for this….. I saw her in April, but didn’t get to spend that much time with her. 


A race.  I registered for a 10K in March!  Little Rock will be having it’s marathon that same weekend along with a half and 5K.  I’m doing it alone, but really can’t wait!



My favorite snack as of late…   apples and maple flavored almond butter




A few of my favorite things:


One of my favorite movies has to be The Burbs.  Have you seen it?  You really should!  It makes me laugh every time!!




Candles.  I love candles a lot.  I love smelling different kinds and I love having them lit.  My favorite?





These two munchkins.





Hiking.  I love the challenge that hiking can be sometimes.  I also love being outside and experiencing nature. 









Baking.  If you have been following me here at FF&L, then you will know my passion for baking.  I love to bake!  Anything really, but mostly cookies.





(the above picture was found on Facebook…just can’t remember who originally posted it!)







I have patiently waited a year for this book to come out!



October 22, 2013!!



Ed Sheeran



Holy cow, this guy can sing. 


I have a full day of work ahead of me, what about you? How will you spend your Monday?  Whatever you do, I hope you do it well. 


Have an awesome day!


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