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Catching Up.

As I type this up it’s raining outside.  You know, that cold rain.  It’s supposed to turn into freezing rain and snow later on tonight but we’ll see. 




It’s been a bit since we last spoke but one of the most difficult things I find about blogging is that I spend the entire day a work on a computer and sometimes getting on one when I am home is preeeeetty difficult. 

However, blogging is one of my favorite things to do.  I love sharing my life and I love reading about others and and learning from them.  I shamefully admit that I am probably addicted to Instagram.  😉  But I guess there are worse things to be addicted to.


Today is Sunday and today is also my rest day.  I went to church this morning with my dad and was able to use my brand new bible!  Yesterday I went up to Little Rock to Barns and Noble with my sister-n-law Lynn and my niece and nephew and just had a wonderful time!  I think that I could spend all day in a place like that!  We had Chinese for lunch and then headed home in the rain. 


I stayed up in the sounds booth with my brother this morning to keep him awake.  He had taken some medicine for his sinus’s and it was making him a bit sleepy.  Sister can get away with thumping their brothers in the ear if need be.  🙂


I spent Valentine’s Day with my niece…..



We went to get some yogurt at a nearby yogurt place…… We had the place all to ourselves at first but by the time we were leaving, it had started to get busy. 





I started doing the Insanity Max :30 a couple of weeks ago and I love it!





Crazy eyes!






You know, when I first thought about doing this workout, I thought there is just no way that I can do it!  I am too big of a girl to be jumpin’ around and throwing my body all over the place.  I mean dang…….I am 40! 

And then I thought, “excuses”……. Just plain ole excuses!  I will never know unless I try it and if I don’t try it, I’ll never get to a place that says, “I can do this!”

Here’s the thing.  I surprised myself.  You don’t have to already be fit to try something like this and the passion that ShaunT has about helping others achieve their goals just comes off of your TV! 

I didn’t think that I could do it, but now I know that I can.


Guess what?!?


This happened.

We have a new Whole Foods Market!!!  The other store was smaller and a bit cramped but this one is huge!  I mean when you walk in it’s just a beautiful sight!



I am still working on balance in my diet and trying to eliminate the bad stuff….






Lastly, here are some pictures of the furbabies….



Emma and Sophie with some crazy eyes for cheese!










I was happy for the weekend. 

Happy to be around family.

Happy for cuddle time with the furbabies on a cold day.

Happy to be in church.

Happy to have a new bible.





I think I will have a cup of hot tea now…. 🙂  And maybe some dark chocolate. 

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Resting :)

Good Morning and Happy Sunday!




I am still recovering from a slight procedure that I had on Friday (will share more on that later) but I am just popping in to say that I hope you have a wonderful Sunday!




I ventured out yesterday to finish up some Christmas shopping with my mom and I think that I kind of over did it.  So I will be resting today and watching Christmas movies. 




Have a beautiful day!  🙂

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Long time no post!

Good Morning friends Smile    It’s been a while!  There have been many mornings that I wanted to get my computer out and type of a post, but just felt like I couldn’t.  It’s funny, even as I set here writing this, I am not sure how to start or what to say. 

As I drink my coffee this morning, I think about the seasons that we go through and experience.  Sometimes they take just days and sometimes they can take months or even years.  Sometimes, it’s okay to just take one day at a time.


So what have I been up to lately??


Well, I took a mini vacation to see my best friend in Ohio and had the best time.  I was able to see a part of Ohio that was just plain beautiful.  The leaves were starting to turn and the weather was perfect. 



She doesn’t like her picture to be taken….. I don’t know why she is beautiful!  But I did manage to sneak this one in while she was driving.  In this shot, she had just picked me up at the airport.  I flew in to Chicago and then it was on to Cleveland.  My flight from Chicago to Cleveland was really short!  I think that I was only up in the air for like 55 minutes. 

Seeing my best friend was like being home for me and immediately felt at ease and relaxed.  After a couple of months of stressful days at work, it was nice to just get away and be on vacation.  Her husbands family is from there and it was so nice to see them again.  When I walked into the house, it felt like I had not left Arkansas.  It was just nice to see everyone. 




This view was right across the street from the house that I was staying at…







Lake Erie was right down the road too!







It was beautiful and calming to see. 


I really think there was like 6 Starbucks nearby and of course, we had to at least go into one…







There was lots of coffee!



The Pumpkin Spice from Dunkin Donuts is amazing…


Before I came to see her, she made plans to take me to places that I didn’t have access to being here in Arkansas….. Trader Joe’s was on the top of the list.



It was really nice…. and the fact that there was no grocery tax was even better.  I picked up a couple of things and couldn’t wait to try them!


There was this really cool unfinished castle nearby, so we went on over to check it out and it’s the coolest thing!!





My friends son Calvin Smile








I really did have the best time and can’t wait to go back again.  I miss my friend terribly and it was so good to just hang out with her and talk to her face to face. 



We are still going through a merger and interviews are being conducted, but I am at peace with whatever the outcome.  We should know by the end of November or mid December if the new company is going to retain us as employees. 


I have some unused vacation days, so I am off the next few days….. until Tuesday.  I am going to just enjoy the beautiful weather and do some cleaning.  My closet is a hot mess as you can imagine with the weather change.  It’s colder, but not cold enough for winter clothes.  I mean I am still sporting flip flops!

I am also going to do some things outside and just enjoy the day.

There is also a Harvest Party tonight that I am going to check out and then meet up with a friend for dinner. 


I hope you have an amazing day and that you take time to smile at yourself today.  Smile

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Life is just plain busy.




Morning my friends….I hope you had a wonderful weekend… Sorry for the disappearance, but I took a much needed break.  It’s been kind of a whirlwind of ups and downs lately and just plain busyness.  Still going through a merger where I work and it’s been kind of tense in the work place.  It’s the fear of the unknown is what it boils down to.

Will I still have a job to go to?

Will they close the branch that I work at?

Will some of my close friends lose their jobs?

When will all of the changes take place?

Is it business as usual?


Things like that.


I also haven’t felt all that great.  Since we spoke last I have been sick and fighting a yanked muscle in my shoulder.  The sickness was just a end of the summer cold and is now gone, but the yanked muscle is unfortunately still there.

I am really not sure what I did, but I think it has something to do with the workouts that I do and the fact that I upped my weights.  That’s what you’re supposed to do right?? Smile   I had upped my weights long before I started feeling this pain, but add in a bit of tiredness and stress and this doesn’t make a great combination. 

It’s much better, but I am still taking it easy. 

I was off Saturday and sleeping in was so amazing!  The weather was perfect and so I went for a 3.2 mile run and called it good.  Running in zero humidity is the best thing ever.


So there is work and muscles.  But there is also another struggle that is weighing on me…

My church.


I love my church.  I was raised in my church.  I have friends in my church.  My family attends my church.  Lately however, I have really struggled as to continuing to attend.  Have you ever felt burned out on church?  It’s not something that I even like typing out and makes me feel so guilty for doing so, but I just do.  To go from being apart of so much and enjoying it, to really just wanting to take a step back and just be. 

It breaks my heart beyond what I can comprehend to leave my church, but I just don’t know what else to do.

One of the joys that I have at my church is teaching Sunday School…. I love it, but lately it’s just felt like a job.  So I have decided to take a step back and take a break.  This makes me so so sad, mainly because I just feel like I am giving up and just hate that.


Please understand that I know it will all work out, but I just wanted to be real with you.  My faith has sustained my through many things and this will be no different, but it just hurts. 






I did finally book my flight to see my friend Diahann in Ohio…. Smile  I will fly out October 11th and I can’t wait to see her!


I do hope that you have a wonderful day my sweet friends. 


You have to see this!

Morning my friends!   I hope you have had a great weekend!  Saturday was pretty great….. I was actually able to get some sleep Friday night into Saturday, but I did get up at my normal time of 5:00, so no sleeping in.  I enjoyed a cup of coffee and then I did some yoga and a 20 minute ab workout.  Today?  All about the resting, meal planning, and mapping out my workouts.

After this I jumped in the shower and headed over to my brothers house to give him his birthday present.  Chatted for a bit and then headed to Little Rock..



I hadn’t been to Whole Foods in a while and just enjoyed looking around.  Going early really cut down on the crowd!

I did pick up a couple of things





Their bread of the day was on sale for $1.25


There is this little coffee shop that is in the same parking lot that I have been wanting to try for a while now





It took a bit to get my order, but it was really good.


After this I headed to Target to see what kinds of sales they had.  I did pick up a new workout shirt for only $6!





After Target, I headed home so that I could relax for the rest of the day.



Kid President Pep Talk:


How cool is that!!??  My sister-n-law showed this to me when I stopped by their house yesterday morning and I just loved it… 


I’m going to pick the one that leads to awesome!


We were made to be awesome!



Remember that you are





cared for



fearfully and wonderfully made


Be great today guys!  No matter what you are doing (within reason that is), do it with so much abandon and of course with a smile!





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