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Hello amazing people!  I hope your Thanksgiving week has been an excellent one!  I am off tomorrow and Thursday this week and my best friend from Ohio is coming in and I’m just a little excited.  Her family is here where I live but I’m pretty sure she is here just to see me!  😉

She doesn’t like her picture to be taken but I am going to sneak some in this holiday season.



This was me.  This morning.  Lol!  I woke up at my normal time this morning but goodness gracious this is what I felt like!

Oh it’s been such a long couple of weeks!   It’s so dark when I get off work and with the weather being really cold lately, it just makes me sleepy.  🙂


With Thanksgiving coming up in just a couple of days, I wanted to share with you some of the things that I am thankful for. 

I mean there are lots of things that I am thankful for but these are some of the special ones.


1.   My niece and nephew.  Now it goes without saying that I love them to the moon and back but they really are amazing kids.  Sometimes I am in awe of their kindness and abilities.  They make me laugh every time I get around them and when we have sleepovers, I think I get more excited than they do!




2.     My job. Nearly a year ago, I found myself in a position where I might not even have one but amazingly everything worked out and ultimately for the better. 





3.   Family.  I can honestly say I don’t know what I would do without my family. 





4.   Change.  I am so thankful that God doesn’t allow us to stay in the same place.  We may not always understand why the change is happening but it is always out of His love for us.  I have had change occur where I had no doubt what He was trying to show me and then there are those times that I just had no clue as to why they change must happen.  Relationships, friendships, occupations, church, all of it. 

We need only to look to His Word to figure it out.  To understand why there is a renewal happening in us all the time. 



5.   Who I am.  It’s so important to have to feel that you have a purpose.  That you mean something and more importantly, that you mean something to someone.  If you are here, then you have purpose.  Purpose that you can see and purpose beyond your wildest dreams. 



So I am sure that you are going to be planning meals and doing lots of baking and cooking.  I pray that you are with family and that you feel love.  I’ll be spending today with my best friend with lots of girl talk and donuts and coffee!


But first…… A workout and some chocolate Shakeology! 


What are you big plans today and for Thanksgiving?

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Hi!!  I hope you have had a great week so far and you are getting ready for the weekend.  I have been on vacation this week but I have mostly just chilled out and relaxed.


I also spent some time with these munchkins..  🙂


It rained all day on Wednesday so I binged on Criminal Minds Season One 🙂  Um, can I just say that if you watch that show, I want to be Penelope!!


I have also done some baking and trying new recipes!


Chocolate Pumpkin Bread with Pumpkin Spice Icing



Pumpkin Pie Spice Snickerdoodles



Chocolate Swirl Pumpkin Bread with Orange Glaze



I had my brackets removed and replaced this week and was so excited to see a preview of my teeth!  Hopefully it won’t be too much longer with them on.



One of the books that I am currently reading right now is, So Long Insecurity, You’ve been a very bad friend to us.  Beth Moore is one of my favorite Christian authors and this one does not disappoint.  This is the second time I have read this book and it comes at a great time in this season of my life. 

I read something the other day (I think it was on Instagram) about how we should always be prepared to go through different seasons in our life.  How do you prepare for something like that?  My faith tells me that I should be in Gods word to prepare for something like that. 

I have such a huge fear of rejection and sometimes it can even paralyze me.  Other times it can cause me to use poor judgment and make bad decisions.  Especially with men. 

I don’t date much.  Not for any other reason than that I don’t really put myself out there to meet anyone.  When I do however and it doesn’t work out, my judgment is impaired. It’s hard for me to cope with it not working out.  It’s as if I take it personally and I am this leaper that can’t get someone to love me.  Now I know in my heart that this isn’t true but how in the world can I get past it?!  I become very withdrawn and even to the point of being depressed about it.  I don’t eat or I binge.  I become disinterested in really just about everything.  I haven’t worked out in probably a month and when I do it completely wipes me out!  I have had neck and shoulder pain for a couple of weeks now that have also caused me not to be able to work out. 

I’m tired.

I never really feel well.

Focus is out the window!

I either don’t eat

or eat too much.

My Vitamin D is low and my thyroid is acting up.


Here’s the thing.  I don’t want to be a victim. And when I say victim please understand that I am only speaking of myself.   I want to deal with these things with a little bit of grace and dignity.  Lately, that isn’t the case.  I am also trying to cut myself some slack too and not be afraid to ask for some help. 


I just wanted to share this with you guys.  🙂








I hope you enjoy your weekend! 

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And so it begins….




The next few days people will be setting goals and resolutions to get into better shape and eat better.  In the back of my mind, I am not any different than anyone else and am pretty excited about fitting in better quality foods. 

My advice?  Go easy on yourself and don’t expect what works for someone else will also work for you.  It may or may not.  Find what does work for you, stick with it, and enjoy it.  If you don’t enjoy something, you are more likely not to stick with it.

Find a good workout program, even if it’s just walking.  If you don’t see results in a short period of time, keep doing it.  Give your body long enough to make the change. 

Eat clean and drink water. Simple.


I also think that not only cleaning up your “diet” but also cleaning up other things in your life that may be cluttering it is important.

I have had the entire week of Christmas off and I have really enjoyed just having quiet time, hanging out with family and just being still.  It’s been nice to have positive thoughts instead of negative. 




This is something that has really convicted me this past week.  My mouth.  What I talk about and what I put into my thoughts.  To be honest, this is quite hard for me because I love to laugh and have a course since of humor sometimes.  I can always push the envelope when it comes to humor, but I have noticed that even course things have a negative effect on me.

Anyway, just something that I have been thinking about.



I did some meal planning yesterday and ended up making one of my favorite recipes. 


  • Tyson’s frozen cubed chicken
  • about 8-10 red potatoes
  • 1 bottle of Ken’s Lite Italian dressing

Mix all ingredients together and you have the yummiest dinner!  I don’t use the entire bag of chicken nor the entire bottle of dressing.  I just try and judge how much will fill up a 9X13 glass pan and then go from there.  I line the pan with aluminum foil and then cover it while it is cooking.

Yum and Yum.




Well….I am off to make up some turkey burgers for the week!

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Merry Christmas!!

Hello there my friends, how are you?  It’s been a while hasn’t it?  I do apologize for my absence, but it was actually pretty nice to take a break.  I didn’t really plan on taking one that long, but felt it was needed.  I also didn’t plan on posting on Christmas Day either, but the time was there so I took advantage of it. 

First let me say that I hope wherever you are, you had a wonderful Christmas and that I hope you were able to spend it with someone that you loved. 


As this year comes to an end, a lot of people will be reflecting on their lives and hopefully what the coming year will hold.  Some will want to make changes in their lives and some will want things to remain the same.  I’ll be honest, this year has had it’s ups and downs and I for one am glad that it’s coming to an end.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s still been a great year but new beginnings can actually be a good thing.

Even when we feel like God is starting from scratch with our own lives, things are still good.

I do feel like this year has changed me.  Some good, some bad, but changed none the less.  I hope to share some of those things with you, but I’ll save that for another day.









Christmas cookies!



My Christmas tree







My niece Erin and nephew Dalton….most awesome kids EVER.





Big brother Jason.  Smile







My best friends cat Potter…..I guess he’s my neph-cat… 






As this day comes to an end, I am so thankful to have spent it with family.  To be surrounded by love is one of the most amazing gifts. 


I hope you had an amazing day and I will talk to you very soon!!


Café Domingo!

Morning Smile   I don’t know about you, but the time change has me kind of screwed up.  Yesterday, I forgot to set my clocks back an hour and so when I rolled over at “5:30”, I got up and started my routine.  When I turned the tv on in the living room, I immediately realized that it was 4:30!!  Ugh.  I just stayed up anyway.  

The weather yesterday was just amazing!  After church, I took my niece and nephew to get some lunch and then to Wal-mart for some salad fixings.  With the weather being so nice, I came home and spent some time outside.  I am pretty sure there was coffee involved too.  Winking smile



I took this picture of my nephew to send to my bf Diahann and her son Calvin.  Calvin and Dalton had just struck up a little friendship right before they moved to Ohio…. 


By 7:75 however, I was ready to go to bed! 


I am off today, but don’t have anything pressing to do…  I need to bring in some plants from outside, so I might do that.   The final book in the Divergent series came out last month, so I might run to the store and get it and just lay up and read all day!



Workouts for the week:


Monday:    Pump and Burn/30 minutes

Tuesday:    30 minute run

Wednesday:    Pump Challenge/25 minutes and 20 minute ab routine

Thursday:    yoga

Friday:    Pump and Burn/30 minutes

Saturday:    rest

Sunday:    20 minute ab routine/45 minute




Can I rant for a minute?

Why not, this is my house….


This past week I was reminded that we are an imperfect people.  No matter how much you try to convince a person of something, you don’t have any control over what they believe.  You just don’t.  What you do have control over is your reaction and your words.  

Can I use my words to tear someone down?  You bet.  Sometimes, I can even think that I feel better when I do it. 


I was also reminded that as a blogger, you don’t have any control over who reads your blog.  You just don’t. 

With that said, I feel it’s important to not feel like you have to sensor yourself…………… your house. 

This is a journal and I should feel comfortable enough to share the things that are going on in my life.  I shouldn’t and don’t have to explain myself.


The other the thing that I learned this past week?

Sometimes women can revert back to fifth grade antics.  (me included)

This my friends, made me chuckle.


The End.



So I have found a new coffee that I love!  Have you ever heard of Peet’s Coffee??



It’s my new favorite! 


While I was in Ohio with my best friend Diahann (whom I miss terribly!!!), the Café Domingo is what I drank and just loved it!  Sadly, they don’t sell it anywhere near where I live…….so, I got online and ordered me a big box full! 


Another sad thing?

I’m out of these…


I loved these and they had the best flavor.  I love pumpkin, but I don’t like things to have a strong pumpkin-y flavor.  It has to be subtle. 


I do have these though!





I did some organizing over the weekend too… 









I might just do some baking today too…  I picked these little jewels up the other day and I think I will add them to some cookies!  I didn’t think that I would like the taste, but they are quite good…





I can’t remember where I saw this, but thought it was the funniest thing….. lol!



Welp, that’s about it….I hope you have a great Monday!


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