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What’s To Know

Getting to know someone can be a challenge sometimes, especially when distances is involved.  There’s some anonymity involved when your trying to get to know someone when you can’t be around them all of the time.  Or, in some cases, you’re not around them at all. 

How much do you share?

What should the focus be?

How much do you invest?


If you know me at all, I am a complete open book.  I even have a tendency to over-share on occasion…… ask me anything and I’ll tell you.   I think that when you share who you are, you risk being vulnerable.  Something that can be kinda scary…. But I also think that there is something beautiful in sharing who you are.  You never know who you might reach.  Who you will impact.

I thought I would take some time and share some of who I am with you.



Oddities and all….


  • I love things to be clean.  I like to keep a clean kitchen most of all.  Don’t set a dish by the sink, you’re done with it… just didn’t know you were.
  • I get pleasure in mowing the yard.  It’s kinda weird but it’s therapeutic for me to be out there cutting the grass…..I love it.  No really, I do.
  • I have this uncanny sense of smell.  It’s a gift…… and also a curse.
  • My favorite books to read are history books.  I took a theology class for fun.  I also like dystopia themed novels… Divergent anyone?
  • I wanted to be a dancer when I was a kid.  The only thing?  I like Twinkies too. And cookies.  Lots of cookies….
  • Some of my favorite memories as a child was going to see my Nanny in Mississippi.  We would go in the middle of the night to miss out on the traffic and the heat.  It was a lot of fun 🙂


I am not even sure what year this is…. 


  • I love learning about history.  We’ve established that I like to read about it but I also love to just experience it.  Learning about why we have certain things and how it all came to be about.  I just find it fascinating.
  • One of the ways that I learn is by memorization.  When I took some seminary classes, the only way I could learn was by writing it down.  Over and over.  A lot.  Like, A LOT.
  • I think it’s important to find a mentor.  Someone you can look up to and learn from.  Someone who seeks God and is willing to tell you the truth, even if it hurts.  Thank you Bro. Joe!
  • The thought of children in other countries and even here in the United States going to bed without being told they are loved breaks my heart into a billion pieces. 
  • I didn’t have my first real relationship until I was 30.  I’m 40. 
  • I used to weigh 250 pounds!!


I think my brother had a 26 inch waist here…..And this is not at my heaviest.

  • I love to hike….










  • One of my strengths is also my weakness.  Compassion.
  • I wouldn’t really consider myself a leader but rather a follower. 
  • I can also be pushy.  If I see something that I want, I just push and push until I get it.  But in most cases, it wasn’t really mine to begin with.



I could keep going!  I say this in closing…..

To know someone takes effort and willingness to do so.  You have to decided whether that person is worth getting to know and to be apart of your life.  Will they add to it or take something away from it?  Do they push you to be a better person?  Are they on your team?

You have to decide.

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My Giant

As I begin this post, I am not really sure how to even start it.  I have been listening to the Goliath Must Fall series by Louie Giglio and it has opened my eyes to Gods word in a way that I am loving.  First let me say that if you have not heard of this series, you need to go listen to it now.


Goliath Must Fall

Goliath Must Fall: Fear Must Fall

Goliath Must Fall: Rejection Must Fall

Goliath Must Fall: Comfort Must Fall

Goliath Must Fall: Anger Must Fall

Goliath Must Fall: Addiction Must Fall


It’s worth the listen.


What I am finding out, and what I have known for a very long time, is that my giant is the fear of being rejection.  Oh don’t get me wrong, I have experienced all of them but its rejection that is the root of the struggle that I have.

Louie touches on the fact that many will say to themselves, “I have NO problem with rejection!”

But they do have cousins:

  • Insecurities
  • low self worth
  • low self esteem
  • obsessive compulsive
  • perfectionist
  • self hate

It’s amazing how one word from someone can impact your life.  It can cripple you.  Force you to look outside yourself for the answers.  Force you to seek approval from another person. 




We can have such an overwhelming fear of being rejected that we forget how it is to truly live and interact with people.  I have gone an entire weekend and not had one conversation with another human being. 


The good part?

We don’t have to live in a way that is demoralizing. 

God wants us to live free.

He wants us to know that He has already won the victory.

Jesus has already taken down that giants that we struggle with.

God wants to be the liberator of our lives!

It can change.


We don’t have to live a life that says, “Yes God is great…….but not great enough for this”. 

We can truly live a life and still be vulnerable with others.

We don’t have to hide from others, who we really are.

We can live a life where we don’t compare ourselves to others. 




We have to remember that we are fearfully and wonderfully made and that we don’t have to compare ourselves to others. 


When I look at your heavens, the work of your fingers, the moon and the stars, which you have set in place, what is man that you care mindful of him, and the son of man that you care for him?  Psalm 8:3



For you formed my inward parts, you knitted me together in my mothers womb.  I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.  Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well.  My frame is not hidden from you, when I was being made in secret, intricately woven in the depths of the earth.  Your eyes saw my unformed substance; in your book were written everyone of them.  Psalm 139:13



I’m not perfect.

I don’t have it all together.

I feel broken sometimes.

I compare myself to the instagram life.

I hide my pain.

I struggle with loving someone.

I feel shame and guilt sometimes.

My insecurities can run my life…….daily.




Jesus died on the Cross knowing this about me and loving me anyway. 

I can run to Him and He accepts me for who I am.














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Just in case…
















Just in case you needed a reminder 🙂

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The Very Best

You know, it’s funny how things happen and how all things work together.  Time and time again I find myself wondering the good ole “what if’s”.   How you can go from one thing onto the next and wonder how in the world it all happened so fast.


Recently I had someone come back into my life and I was actually pretty excited about it.  Those feelings you thought you had long buried come flooding back and smack you right in the face!  lol….   The newness.  The different people that you turned out to be.  You feel ready.  You hope they are. 

But you know what?

I found out that when God says He wants the very best for you, He means it. 

I am not talking about eating ice cream out of the container while watching your favorite movie best.

Or listening to it rain while reading a book you cannot put down best.

Or getting to your goal weight best.


Its the very best.  Because we don’t think the way that God thinks, we may have a hard time understanding what that very best is.  When two people try to start a relationship or try to get to know each other, if it’s not the very best of what God wants for us, then it’s not His will. 

When things came out in the open, I was actually okay with it.  I mean I’m a girl and I have feelings so of course I had my cry, but I also know that Jesus is my savior and He loves me so much that He reaches down and wipes my tears away.  He reaches down to me from Heaven.  From His thrown.  He tells me that I am loved and that I am worthy of love. 




He reaches down and he whispers to us that His purpose for us is far greater than what we can imagine. 




We are all human and we all want someone to love us.  It’s really hard sometimes to think about how long I have been single….but what’s important is that I already do have someone who loves me.  Someone that knew everything about me even before the creation of the entire world and loves me anyway. 






So remember that no matter what you are dealing with, big or small, He is right there waiting for you to turn to Him.  Because He is the very best

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Loving Difficult People

This is a tough one for me. 

Because for the most part, I love everyone. 

But I think that because I wear my feelings…….. everywhere, loving difficult people is well, difficult. 

Right now I am reading like 6 books at the same time.  I don’t recommend it.

One of them is called, For the Love: Fighting for Grace in a World of Impossible Standards by Jen Hatmaker and I am currently on the chapter titled, yep you got it, Loving Difficult People.




I just wanted to share some of the quotes that have really stuck out to me…


    • You are not responsible for the spiritual health of everyone around you, nor must you weather the recalcitrant behavior of others. It is neither kind nor gracious to enable.


But when an endless amount of blood, sweat, and tears leaves a relationship unhealthy—When there is virtually no redemption, when red flags have frantically waved for too long—sometimes the healthiest response is to walk away.

But when you are locked in a toxic relationship or community, spiritual pollution can murder everything tender and Christlike in us; and a watching world doesn’t always witness those private kill shots.

Jesus modeled this behavior.  Without so much as an apology, He told His disciples to “shake the dust off your fee” when encountering hostile people (Matthew 10:14)

Jesus was tender toward brokenness but impatient toward egotism.


A good starting point is grace.  Not superficial, sentimental fluff but the tough, dig-under-the-surface brand.  If a difficult relationship is permanent, grace will grease the wheels.  Most thorny people are thorny for a reason.  It doesn’t excuse bad behavior, but understanding early injuries or hidden wounds cushions blows.  It is no free pass, but empathy is a powerful tool toward forgiveness and patience.  If we must stay the course, compassion helps us weather the road. 

Here is a boundary for beginners: You are worthy of basic human respect just because you are alive.  No one should demean, despise, mock, or humiliate you.  You should not stand for that behavior.  That is not the way of Christ, neither on the giving nor receiving end. 

Boundaries assume all offensive behavior will continue for the projected future.  You are not altering someone else’s conduct but clarifying what you will put up with.



Anyway, it’s just a few that stuck out to me. 🙂






Have a beautiful day!

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