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Watching leaves turn

Morning/Afternoon lovely’s!    I hope your Saturday was a good one!  I have church today, but I am going to enjoy the afternoon and rest some.  Today is also my long run of 7 miles.

We also gained an hour last night.  How are you doing with that???  Do you like falling back and gaining an hour?  I think it’s a toss-up for me, because I don’t particularly like getting up when it’s dark and then going home from work when it’s dark.  It’s the whole losing an hour of daylight in the afternoon that I don’t like, but I guess it’s better than springing forward.



7 Mile Run: 

Mile One:    9.12

Mile Two:     8.58 (halfway thru this mile I took my jacket off)

Mile Three:    8.55

Mile Four:    8.50

Mile Five:    8.56

Mile Six:    8.36

Mile Seven:    8.32


Total Time:    1:02:01

Average Pace:    8.51


I felt really great on this run!


So it’s November the 4th and I am so thankful for Christ.  Because when I don’t feel loved, or feel like I don’t have purpose, or when I get sad I know that true love, my purpose and my happiness comes from having a relationship with Him.


I found this cool 21 Day Challenge on a blog that I read called The Chocolate Mile that I thought was pretty neat.  One of the requirements is to have Twitter, but since I don’t have it I am just going to follow along on my blog.  I have missed a couple of days, but I am still going to jump right in!


Day 1:    Write a letter to yourself about how you feel today, seal it up and open it on Thanksgiving.

Day 2:    Step outside of your box!  Do something that you’ve been wanting to do, but makes you uncomfortable.

Day 3:    Call someone up that you have been thinking about, but haven’t talked to in a while.

Day 4:    Operation beautiful.  Leave a note for someone.




Pre-run I ate one waffle with some almond butter and waited 30 minutes before I ran, but once I was finished I made myself a banana/chocolate smoothie.

  • 1 cup of 30 Calorie almond milk
  • 1 frozen banana
  • 1 tbsp chia seeds
  • 1 scoop of chocolate protein powder
  • 1 large handful of spinach



Last night I looked over at my bed and this is what I found:

He kind of just blends in with the blanket… in case you were wondering, he is there now.  😉


So this past week I have watched this tree’s leaves turn.  It was the coolest thing to watch and I wish that I would have taken a picture earlier in the week.  I love the colors!!


I am off to rest for a little bit!  Have a wonderful day!





Fresh Market trip

Today has been the best day!  The weather turned out to be nice, the sun came out, and I got 4 compliments on my new hair cut.  Woop!  Hola!


I had an appointment at 10 this morning that went really well and the drive home was so nice.  I had the window down and I was jamming to some great music!  I hope to be able to let you in on the appointment some time next week.  😉




Rudi’s Gluten-free cinnamon raisin toast, almond butter, banana, and chia seeds.  Coffee!!


On my way home from my appointment, I stopped at one of my favorite places to pick up a few items.

Fresh Market!

I love this store.  I am not opposed to buying my produce at Wal-mart, but places like Fresh Market and Whole Foods carry those special items.



They are doing some major construction on the highway system in Little Rock and I tried to snap a picture of some of it….   In a section of one of the hills that they have cleared off, stands this huge rock formation that is just sticking out of the hillside.  The pictures isn’t the best, but you get the idea.




My shoulder is still pretty achy, so I am going to do something else today.  It will be in the cardio family.


Have a great afternoon!



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