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Watching leaves turn

Morning/Afternoon lovely’s!    I hope your Saturday was a good one!  I have church today, but I am going to enjoy the afternoon and rest some.  Today is also my long run of 7 miles.

We also gained an hour last night.  How are you doing with that???  Do you like falling back and gaining an hour?  I think it’s a toss-up for me, because I don’t particularly like getting up when it’s dark and then going home from work when it’s dark.  It’s the whole losing an hour of daylight in the afternoon that I don’t like, but I guess it’s better than springing forward.



7 Mile Run: 

Mile One:    9.12

Mile Two:     8.58 (halfway thru this mile I took my jacket off)

Mile Three:    8.55

Mile Four:    8.50

Mile Five:    8.56

Mile Six:    8.36

Mile Seven:    8.32


Total Time:    1:02:01

Average Pace:    8.51


I felt really great on this run!


So it’s November the 4th and I am so thankful for Christ.  Because when I don’t feel loved, or feel like I don’t have purpose, or when I get sad I know that true love, my purpose and my happiness comes from having a relationship with Him.


I found this cool 21 Day Challenge on a blog that I read called The Chocolate Mile that I thought was pretty neat.  One of the requirements is to have Twitter, but since I don’t have it I am just going to follow along on my blog.  I have missed a couple of days, but I am still going to jump right in!


Day 1:    Write a letter to yourself about how you feel today, seal it up and open it on Thanksgiving.

Day 2:    Step outside of your box!  Do something that you’ve been wanting to do, but makes you uncomfortable.

Day 3:    Call someone up that you have been thinking about, but haven’t talked to in a while.

Day 4:    Operation beautiful.  Leave a note for someone.




Pre-run I ate one waffle with some almond butter and waited 30 minutes before I ran, but once I was finished I made myself a banana/chocolate smoothie.

  • 1 cup of 30 Calorie almond milk
  • 1 frozen banana
  • 1 tbsp chia seeds
  • 1 scoop of chocolate protein powder
  • 1 large handful of spinach



Last night I looked over at my bed and this is what I found:

He kind of just blends in with the blanket… in case you were wondering, he is there now.  😉


So this past week I have watched this tree’s leaves turn.  It was the coolest thing to watch and I wish that I would have taken a picture earlier in the week.  I love the colors!!


I am off to rest for a little bit!  Have a wonderful day!





Happy Halloween!

Well hello there!   As I type this up I am baking some Halloween cookies!   I got the recipe from Brown Eyed Baker.  Monster cookies!


Did you have a good day?   My day actually ended at noon today so I was pretty happy about that.  I didn’t get my run in this morning so I got right on the treadmill right when I got home.  This week mother nature has hit pretty hard and my “visitor” is giving me headaches and making me a grumpy person in the morning.  I hope to be back to normal by the end of this week!  It’s amazing how that little thing throws your entire week off!  (if there are any men reading….sorry!!)



Today I had a 4 mile run on the schedule and couldn’t wait to do it!  Like I said, this morning was a no go, but by the time I got home I was ready for it!


Mile One:     9.08

Mile Two:    8.54

Mile Three:    8.45

Mile Four:    8.45


Total time:    35:30

Average Pace:    8.50


I did some stretching when I was finished and then I like the song so much that I was listening to, I got my grove on.  🙂



I really wanted some oatmeal this morning, so I grabbed a bag and added 1 tbsp of almond butter.  I also wanted an egg and some grapes…



For my snack this morning I grabbed a banana and some pumpkin spiced pecans that I had made earlier in the week..

This really hit the spot!


After my run I jumped in the shower and cleaned up and then made myself a smoothie for lunch.  I added all the fabulous nutrients:

  • 1 cup of 30 Calorie almond milk
  • 1 frozen banana
  • 1/2 cup of frozen cherries
  • 1 tsp chia seeds
  • scoop of protein powder
  • and a large handful of spinach

No picture…..sorry!!  It was good though. 😉


I am working on dinner right now… 😉



One chicken link, steamed veggies, and one red potato.  Yum yum and yum.



So while I was typing all of this up, the cookies are done!!


I think they turned out pretty good.  The house smells wonderful!  You really must make these cookies!  I haven’t tried one yet, but they sure smell good.



Where I live at, we don’t have very many kiddo’s that come by for some candy on Halloween, but every year I think we gain at least one or two more kids.  So I ran by the store and grabbed a bag of candy….  Not good that it’s in the house, but whatever is left I am taking to work tomorrow and I am forcing it on the customers.  Really, I am.



Happy Halloween guys!!








Key lime yogurt anyone?

Morning!   Thank the lord it’s Friday!   I am really just ready for this week to end….  It’s been a character building week to say the least.  🙂  Surprisingly its been great with the eating and training!   Stress always makes me make bad decisions when it comes to food, but not this week!

This weekend is going to be a super busy one.  We are having Timberfest this weekend (Friday night and all day Saturday), my work team is heading up the car show, I also have to work.  Aaaand, it’s supposed to rain.  This should be interesting.  😉



I took this…


And this…


aaaand this..


And made this.. 😉




2 miles at an easy pace.  Done and done.  I felt really good on this run.  Concentrated on my breathing and stride…..and just really enjoyed the run.  🙂


Mile One:    9.32

Mile Two:    9.13


Total time:    18.53

Average pace:    9.23



Got a busy day ahead of me….I hope you have a good one!  See ya later!


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It’s ok to take your shoes off!

Hello!  So it’s been an interesting week thus far.  It’s the last week to reach our goals for the quarter at work so we have been zipping around.

This morning started at 5:15, well actually it started at 4:00.  With the cooler temps, having the AC on isn’t all the necessary, but last night it was kind of muggy and at 4:00 I woke up hot.  I can’t sleep when it’s hot!  I did manage to go back to sleep, but not for very long.

I got up and got my day started with a cup of joe.  Once I was fully awake, I hit the treadmill for 3 miles.  I felt a little tired this morning on my run, so I will be taking a rest day tomorrow.  Trying to listen to my body!


I had to eat breakfast on the way to work….

  • 1 frozen banana
  • frozen blueberries
  • 1 tbsp chia seeds
  • 1 tbsp ground flax
  • protein powder
  • almond milk/coconut milk



I have also been spending my lunches here:


It’s been so nice just being out there and having some quiet time.  The weather has been perfect for it too!  I even let my feet enjoy the moment!


A couple of days ago I read this post over at Carrots and Cake and really like it.  One of the things that really stuck out to me is resting.  I am really bad about not getting enough sleep.  Especially lately.  So, this is one thing that I am going to continue to put first for a while.  Last night as I was watching tv I just closed my eyes and that was all she wrote.  This was at 9:45.  I woke up about an hour later and turned the tv off and went back to sleep.

If I want to continue getting up early, having great runs and feeling really great then more sleep it is.


I hope you guys have a great night!




First day of Fall!!

Morning!  It’s the first day of Fall!!


I am so excited about this!  I know that I have said it before, but I really love fall.   Some of the blogs that I read have put together Fall Bucket Lists, so I wanted to share some of the things that I wanted to do this year.



Fall Bucket List:

  1. Make some homemade chili
  2. go hiking before it gets too cold
  3. carve pumpkins with my niece and nephew
  4. make pumpkin muffins with butter cream icing
  5. Go for a bike ride
  6. drink (or make) a fall pumpkin latte
  7. make smores at a bonfire
  8. Make my pumpkin mousse cheesecake
  9. Go to a pumpkin patch
  10. Take some fall pictures


Well, there you have it!   I think these are pretty easy things to do, so I am excited about marking them off.


What do you have planned today??   I have to work until noon, and then I am finally going to put out the fall decorations in the house.  I also need to finish mowing the lawn….I was having an issue with one of the wheels on the back of the push mower, but thank goodness an awesome lady I work with asked her husband what it might be and it was a simple bolt that needed to be tightened.  I kind of figured that was the problem, but what I didn’t know was that as you tighten, you have to hold the other side of the bolt to do so.  Or basically you are just turning it round and round.  🙂



I tell ya, running this past week was great!  I busted out of the 8 mile a week range and couldn’t be more excited about it.  I wanted to make it to 15, but ended up doing 13!  That’s 5 more than usual!  I am going to rest my freakishly fast legs today.  Really, they are fast.  😉



I wanted a smoothie this morning so I threw together the following:

  • 1 cup of almond milk
  • 1 frozen banana
  • 1/2 cup of frozen cherries
  • 1 tbsp of ground flax
  • 1 tbsp chia seeds
  • 1 scoop of protein powder




Got to get ready for work!  Have a great day!!


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