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Cooking and baking!

So I have enjoyed having today off.  Lately, I have felt pulled in a billion different directions, so it was nice to just have some alone time aaaand not having anything to do.

What I have been doing is catching up on some things around the house and spending some time in the kitchen!  I made a homemade pizza for lunch today with the ingredients I had in the kitchen.

  • pizza crust
  •  turkey meat
  • turkey pepperoni
  • spinach
  • shredded cheese
  • pizza sauce


I used Harvest Land Ground Turkey: No animal by-products, vegetarian fed diet, and no antibiotics EVER.




I could have made the crust, but didn’t really want to wait…..I am impatient like that sometimes.  🙂


I also did some baking!!   I am meeting some friends in a few hours and I didn’t want to show up empty-handed.  So I found a great chocolate chip cookie recipe on:  It’s Progression, Not Perfection.   Recipe

They turned out pretty!!


This is a really easy recipe and Danica gives two other alternatives.  🙂



Thank you to all of the men and women that serve our country everyday for the freedom that we have!!  This includes all police departments, rescue, and fire fighters!





A Gluten Free Cookie!!

Howdy folks!  Before I get to the cookie recipe, let’s get an update on all of the eats I have eaten since the last time I have posted any.  I will be honest, I have stressed a little bit over getting in a post since I have started my class.  Working 40 hours a week and then having packed weekends can lead to zero time to blog or comment on some of my favorites.  This week however, I am not going to stress.  If I can get to a post than I will, but if I have to choose between sleep or blogging, I am going to choose sleep.  🙂  No more stressing!

With that said, here are some of the eats that I have enjoyed over the past couple of days:


Overnight Oats (one of my favorites!)


Last nights dinner: Tilapia, roasted potato’s, and roasted brussels sprouts.


A new snack I found at Kroger: Clif Kid Fruit Rope/Organic and Gluten Free


This mornings breakfast: Thomas 100 Calorie English Muffin, turkey bacon, spinach, one egg/egg whites.  Holy delicious.


Lunch today: leftover roasted brussels sprouts and potato’s, brown rice, turkey sausage, and spinach.  With a tangerine on the side.


One of my favorite blogs (which reminds me, I need to update my favorites) is called Living the Gluten Free Life.  Kelsey put a Gluten free Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe up on her blog the other day that looked super yummy and interesting.  So, tonight I thought that I would give it a try. 


The verdict???    I love them!  They are super light and just melt in your mouth.  Don’t worry, I didn’t eat all three.  🙂

Question:  What is your favorite cookie recipe?



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