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What, no appetite??

Hey!    Well, I had my alarm set for 5:00 this morning and turned it right off.  I ended up getting out of bed at 5:45…  I guess I needed the extra time to sleep or something. 🙂

I used to could just roll out of bed and start working out right away, but alas I can’t do that anymore.  I have to wake up before I start doing anything.   So I opted to do my run after work today.


The work day was pretty long…. 8:15 to 6:00.  I was really ready to get home and get my run on.  I didn’t have much of an appetite today for some reason.



1 egg/egg beaters combo, 1 orange, and 1 english muffin.




I totally failed to take a picture, but I had 10 chipotle pretzel crisps.



Kale chips (made last night) and a turkey wrap.


In the wrap:  turkey slices, spinach/arugula, lettuce and guacamole.


For some reason I just could get all of this down.  As the day went on, so did my appetite.  That is…I didn’t have one.  I even brought an apple that I didn’t end up eating…



Turkey burger minus the bun, one small red potato, and some steamed veggies.


Holy cow this was so good!  Or maybe it was because I was so hungry after my run!  🙂   Well hello there appetite!  🙂



3 miles easy pace run.  I felt a little sluggish on this run, but I think that it was mainly not having a whole lot of food in my stomach.  I am really enjoying this training program that Cait has me on.  I love that I can ask her about anything running related and she doesn’t make me feel like it’s a bad question at all.  I think that is really important in a coach/trainee’s relationship.  🙂  I get texts at the perfect time and they are always encouraging!  Thank you Cait!!

Mile One:    9.48

Mile Two:    9.43

Mile Three:    9.39


Total Time:    29.19

Average Pace:    9.43



I actually get to chill out in the morning!!  I go in late to work and I am so glad!  I get so much accomplished when I have more time in the morning.  I also like the quiet time.  🙂


Check you guys later!



Oh Holy Cow!

So I totally slept in today…um at least until 6:20.  Ahhh it felt so good.  Doing this however, I didn’t get my usual morning workout in.  Which kinda makes for a long day.  It’s like this dreaded act that you have to do at the end of the day when you don’t get it out of the way in the morning.   Make sense?? good…:)

Still doing the BodyRock Challenge and it is still kicking my booty.  Somehow I managed to get behind a day.  Not sure how that happened, oh well.  Quick run down:  The bodyrock workouts are short (really) hard workouts that you do in 50/10 intervals.  50 seconds of a hard move and then 10 seconds of rest and then your off to the next move!   If you are interested in spicing up your workout, then head over to the website and join in the awesome fun!  Thanks again Brittany for posting this on your blog!

This mornings breakfast was a perfect combination of….

…two Egg Beaters eggs, with a handful of spinach, turkey bacon, on a Thomas 100 calorie English Muffin.  Holy stinkin yum it was good!

Then it was off to work!  I had to make a pit stop before getting there though……A friend of mine, Lauren, had surgery on her shoulder and she wanted to borrow the last two seasons of Felicity.  I love this girl for many reasons, but the fact that we both love Felicity is enough.  🙂  Lauren is one of my missionary friends.  This young lady is going to change the world for Christ!  She will be headed to Africa this summer for nearly 3 months.

Lauren is on the left and that is Cameron on the right.  Hey Cam!! We were at the Chris Tomlin concert……..a little excited 🙂

Once I got off work, I headed to the track and walked just over 2 miles.  I also knew that I was going to do the BodyRock challenge once I got home.  When I found out that I was a day behind I was like…….”what!!!???”  I made my dad do the time for me so that I could concentrate on the moves.   I had to do a couple of modifications, but MAN, this workout rocked.  Both of them!

I see a creeper in one of those pictures.  😉   Don’tcha just love the veins popping out on my forehead??

Have a great night!  I am off to check some blogs, eat, and watch the Vampire Diaries.

Question:  Do you have any issues with gluten?  If so, how did you make the change?


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