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Week Two Training plan

Just wanted to pop in and give you week two’s training schedule:


Week Two Running Schedule:

Monday:    Rest with some stretching

Tuesday:    3 miles

Wednesday:    Rest with some stretching

Thursday:    3 mile speed session.  10 minute warm-up followed up by 3 sets of two minute speed/uptempo run and then three minutes jog recovery.

Friday:    2 miles easy pace

Saturday:    Rest with some stretching

Sunday:    7 miles at an easy pace




6 miles.  I didn’t get up in time this morning to do my run before church.  I went to bed Saturday night at 9:30 and didn’t get up today until 7:00.  I am not sure, but I guess I needed some sleep.  After my run today I still felt like I needed sleep, so I took a nap and got up feeling icky.  Don’t ya hate getting up from a nap and feel like you built a house, ran a marathon, toured the world and then ate a ton of sugar??  No, just me??  🙂


Let’s break my run down shall we:


Mile One:    9.33

Mile two:    9.41

Mile three:    10.07  (had to stop to remove pull-over)

Mile four:    9.47

Mile five:    9.48

Mile six:    9.53


Total time:    58.53

Average pace:    9.47


I felt great during each mile, but mile five was the hardest to get through.  I am not sure why, but I felt really tired and doubt of finishing started to creep in.  Every ache that I was feeling became that much more noticeable.  I quickly distinguished as to whether or not it was an actual pain or just a tired ache and moved on.


Have a great night!


Peak time for everything?

Morning!!   And how is your Thursday so far??   Well, seeing is how I have only been up 30 minutes not much has happened.  I have at least had some water and coffee.

I did go to bed early last night and slept really well!   My parents are coming in today, but I am hoping to go to bed early again tonight.  Sleep is good!!

I found this online article on Yahoo Finance about: The Peak Time for Everything.    I found if very interesting!  It talks about the difference between people who get up early or sleep in and how the best time for them to function is.  I love this one….”taking a warm shower can jumpstart the morning process.” (emp mine)  There are some days that if I take a shower right when I get up, it totally wakes me up and I am good to go!


Exciting News:

So I have some really exciting news!!!!  I mean I can hardly contain myself!!   Really!!  But, this fantastic news doesn’t start until Monday.  Just know this, it is the most awesomest news EVER.




I have been having my smoothies this week, but I wanted something a little different this morning.  Well, let’s not get too crazy.  I went with an old standby: 1 egg, 1 slice of gouda cheese, 1 english muffin.  (I really need to get some spinach!!)

Aaaand, another cup of coffee.



Today I am going to take it easy.  I am enjoying the running so much, but I really don’t want to stress my body out.  It’s the final week in Team Cait’s September Miles Madness and I want to turn in as many miles as I can, but I also want to still be able to run the following week.  🙂   So far I have 12.66 to turn in.  I have one more run scheduled for the week and it should put me up to 15!    I can honestly say that I experienced my first runners high this past Sunday.  I really do think I can!  I mean that high lasted for a couple of days people!  Is that normal??? 


Question:  What time of the day do you best function?  Morning, afternoon, night-time??   I personally do my best work in the morning.  I love to get up and start my day on a positive note.   What movie was that line in???  “Tomorrow is a day without any mistakes”  I am totally paraphrasing, but it kind of goes like that.  Geeze what movie was that???!


Well, you guys have a great morning and a great day!  🙂


Fair night!




How was your Wednesday?  Mine was pretty uneventful and I was in bed by 7:00.  I am not sure that if all of the insomnia caught up with me.  I was so sleepy that I just went on to bed.  The good thing?  I just got up!  (7:00)


Going to hit the fair tonight and the weather is going to be perfect for it. 🙂  My favorite ride there is probably the, Tilt a Whirl.  You know the one??  I love it!  Not sure if I will get on it, but it’s my favorite.



Going for a run this morning!   The plan is to do 2.6 miles…..My goal this week was to bust out of the 8 mile a week thing….After this mornings run, mission will be accomplished.  🙂


Have a great day!!  Catch ya later!



Am I a Runner?

Morning!  And how are you this morning??   Now I remember how difficult it is to balance blogging and work. 🙂


After work yesterday, I went over to my friend’s house to run.  Let’s just say that getting on the treadmill was the last thing that I wanted to do.  I was tired, sluggish, it was brutally hot and I wasn’t even sure if I could even run at all!  Boy when mother nature hits it makes you feel like you are walking in slow motion!   I did get on that treadmill and I did run.  2 miles exactly.

This got me thinking.  Am I a runner?  Would I consider myself a runner if I was in a conversation with someone?  When I am standing in front of a person whose legs go all the way up to the sky, would I call myself a runner?  When I have a few pounds on the average runner, would I say, “I run too!”??   When my miles add up to just a warm-up for someone else, would I call myself a runner?  If I didn’t have the same gear or gadgets, am I still a runner?  If both of my feet don’t come off the ground, am I still a runner?

I really really like to run.  I love how it makes me feel.  I love the fact that it pushes me just as far as I can go and then just a little more.  When I take off and I feel great and my lungs take in air, I smile.  It’s cool to learn about pace, gait, negative splits, etc.  I really love that when I eat right throughout the entire day my run seems light.  The excitement of waking up the day after a great long run.  The strength in my quads that I feel after run.  The motivation that comes from other people who run, even though you may not feel like a “runner”.

So I asked myself, “am I a runner?”  My answer would be, yes.  I think running has helped me find a part of myself that I didn’t know existed.  A strong part.  Running has allowed me to meet very cool people and have great conversations.  It brings a smile on my face when I feel apart of a sport.

Some will run longer.  Some will run harder.  I may never run a full marathon or even a half.  My long runs my only get to 6 miles or maybe just 5.  I may never have a running partner.  I will never get taller or my legs will probably not grow any because of running.  I may never have a 7 minute mile.  But I will run anyway.

I run.

I am a runner.





A busy day ahead of me!  Work is calling and then the yard needs to be mowed…..again.  With all of the rain that we have gotten in the last week, it has grown a lot!

Did anyone watch So You Think You Can Dance last night??   It’s getting down to the final dancers!!  I am still amazed every time that I watch this show!


Have a wonderful day!!




First cold bath!!

Morning!!  I hope this Sunday morning finds you with a smile!



Yesterday was a FULL day…..I got up early to start my day.  I love doing that!  I am normally not one to sleep in, so I guess that would make me a morning person.  🙂   I do occasionally like to sleep in, but for the most part I am up and at em!  Maybe I feel like I am going to miss something!!

Work went by preeeetty fast, and before I knew it, it was noon.  I headed over to my friend’s house (Diahann) to use her treadmill for my long run.  I don’t know if every person that runs deals with runners anxiety, but sometimes going into my long run I worry whether or not my legs will hold up!  They did!

I pushed out 4.3 miles and called it good.



For my pre-run fuel I chomped on one of these…

Yum and yum!



I am currently enjoying this for Breakfast:



Once I got home yesterday, I thought about taking a nap, but they lawn needed tending to, so I put on my “work” clothes and went outside.  It was pretty hot and humid yesterday, so it was a little tough to get through.  I ended up only doing just over half of they lawn and put the mower up.  I will finish today.  Maybe..:)

One of my neighbors, who is a super-cool good friend stopped by and we made plans to go walking.  I am not sure how many miles we did, but it was nice to fellowship and hang out. 😉

I did my first cold bath!!!!!   Um, let’s just say that by the end of doing all these activities on my legs, they were kind of hurting when I walked into the house to call it a night.  I didn’t put ice in the bath, but I did just use cold water.  Oh my goodness!!!  Once I got acclimated, it wasn’t so bad.  It’s funny, as soon as I submerged my legs, they instantly felt better.  Hmm? 😉

This morning my legs are bit sore, but not as bad as I thought they would be.


Welp, I am off to get ready for church!  Have a great day!


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