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10 Secret Stressors

Just wanted to pop in to say a quick hello!  I hope that you have a had a wonderful day.  🙂    It actually turned out to be a hot day.  It started out with some overcast, which was cool at first, but then by noon it was hot.  In fact, I had the AC on in my car on the way home and it’s currently on in the house right now.  It’s supposed to be this way for the next week or so….


So what are you doing tonight??  Going to watch the Vice-Presidential Debate??



No picture, but I had 3 oz of chicken, brussels sprouts and half of a banana.



This afternoon I tried a new snack and really loved it…

Raspberry greek yogurt!



For dinner I had one chicken link, one small red potato, and the rest of the brussels sprouts.



3 mile run with 3 sets of speed drills.

Mile One:    9.22

Mile Two:    8.44

Mile Three:    9.17


Total time:    27.33

Average pace:    9.07


On tomorrow’s schedule??  2 miles easy pace.


I read the a list today on Yahoo Health about some things that cause stress in our lives that we may not necessarily think that would cause us stress.

  1. Your dog
  2. co-workers
  3. your doctor
  4. your bedroom
  5. your alarm clock
  6. facebook
  7. your keys
  8. your computer
  9. the light in your bathroom
  10. celebrity gossip


I can see why some of them would cause stress, but there were a few that surprised me.  Dog???  If you have a pet that might be sick a lot, or even chew on things constantly, then it might cause unwanted stress and anxiety.

Celebrity gossip??  I wouldn’t have thought about it, but I can see it.  Comparison.  That is all that I am going to say.

Bathroom light?  If the light isn’t flattering and shows some fo the things that you might not want to see….well you get the picture.

The list is worth checking out.. 🙂





Oh that pumpkin spice!

Morning!  So I have got this eye twitch thing and it’s driving me crazy!!  It’s my left eyelid.  I have been staring at my computer, laptop, and phone an awful lot lately.  More than usual.  I am thinking that is the culprit!  🙂


My first cup of coffee wasn’t all that good.  I am not sure why, but it didn’t taste very good.  The second however was really good.  🙂

I was also craving some oatmeal.  Instant, but it was really good!  I added some pumpkin spice to give it that fall like flavor.  1 egg and half of a banana.



Really catching up on some sleep lately.  I went to bed around 10:30 last night and didn’t get up until 7:00.  I really hadn’t planned on sleeping that late, but it sure was nice.



Going to do some stretching in a yoga session.



It’s supposed to be a beautiful day today!!  I am going to spend my lunch at the park and I really can’t wait to get out of the bank.  🙂


Have a great morning/day!!





Sometimes I wonder…

Well, it’s raining.  🙂  It’s actually a nice sound right now.  This week was just super long and I am glad it’s coming to an end.  But you have to find something good in everything right??  Character building.

Sometimes I do wonder what people are thinking when they do something.  Their motives.  Their heart.  I just find people curious sometimes.  But then I think that because I notice it I must bare this quality!  🙂

Anyway, long week.  It was super long.  It was so long that even though I am excited that it is Friday, I can’t believe that tomorrow is Saturday.


Did you know that it was National Bullying Prevention Month?   It is.

I don’t have children, but I think it’s so important to have an honest discussion about bullying when the time is right.  I think that if you really thought about it, you have been affected indirectly or directly when it comes to bullying.  I can remember growing up and being the “fat” kid.  Oh you name it, I have heard it.  In highschool, I can remember walking down the aisle of desks and for some reason I moved quickly and this guy said, “I didn’t know fat could move that fast.”  I also had a boy on the school bus just come out and ask me, “did you know you were fat?”  Nice right?

These things were harsh and really made me think horrible thoughts about myself, but the bullying today seems so much worse.  I think anyway.  It’s so important to remember that bullying is a learned thing.  What you see and what you are around, you emulate.  Just because someone is different, doesn’t mean that you have to rip them apart.  You also don’t have to bully someone just to fit in with a group of people.  It’s ok to stand up and be the one to say that it isn’t ok.  Because it isn’t.

Remember, you are not alone.  If you are being bullied, find someone to talk to.  A counselor, teacher, parent, friend, grandparents.  There is someone that can help you.

*These are just my thoughts, but I wanted to share them with you*






I finished off the chicken patties!!  Yay!!  I also add some lettuce, one slice of cheddar cheese, spicy guacamole, and one slice of whole wheat bread.  1/2 of a banana on the side.



A little while later I had half and apple and some dark chocolate almond milk from Silk.


I just have to work tomorrow and then I am off until Tuesday!  I have lots that I want to do this weekend and getting things semi-organized for a yard sale is one of them.

Gonna chill out for the rest of the night and then go on to bed.  Have a great night!



Crisp cool Wednesday!

Happy Hump day!!  It is Wednesday right??  It’s also the third of the month.  In the banking world, this is a pretty busy day.  Everyone in the entire world gets a paycheck today.  Everyone.


In continuation of my meal plan for Tuesday, here are my eats for the rest of the day:


Morning snack:



My meal plan called for a turkey burger, but I didn’t have any turkey meat, so I improvised with some chicken.  I made some chicken burgers!  I also had some guacamole, lettuce, spinach and I also used 1 slice of whole wheat bread, but cut it in half.




Afternoon snack:

cottage cheese and peaches!



Brown rice, chicken patty, and some steamed veggies with cheese.



It’s a run day!!!  3 miles!!  Aaaand, I get to work on my speed today.  I will start out with a 10 minute warm-up jog, then I will do 5 sets of 1 minute at a fast pace and then follow up with a 2 minute recovery jog.

**Felt amazing on this run!**


Mile One:    9.11

Mile Two:    8.37

Mile Three:    8.57


Time:    26.57

Average Pace:    8.56




Remember when I told you yesterday morning that we were having a festival this weekend??  Timberfest?  Anyway, they are having work nights up at the local court-house this week so I went on up after work.

There is still a lot to do, and to be honest you kind of feel like you are in the way.  🙂  It will look pretty amazing when it’s all finished.  The people who are in charge have been doing it for a long time and pretty much have it down to science.  🙂



Nice feet shot!



Have a great day!!!



If I don’t get those….

…..I’m gonna scream!!   Lol!  Leave it to Beaver was on this morning and this little kid wanted these pair of shoes and that is what he said.  Funny stuff!   Funny, cause I act like that sometimes.  🙂

Morning Tuesday!   I was so glad to be able to sleep in an extra hour this morning.  So instead of 5:00 it was 6:00 when my alarm went off.  It actually kind of startled me too!  Lol…don’t ya love that feeling of, “oh crap, what’s going on?!!”

I go in late this morning, so my day will end at 6:00 tonight.  This weekend is going to be a busy one….We have this yearly festival the first weekend in October called Timberfest.  It’s really cool to see everyone come out and enjoy the festivities!  I will give a re-cap with pictures.





Greek Yogurt, 1 frozen waffle, and half an apple.  I also added just a tiny bit of chia seeds.  🙂

This really hit the spot!



My plan called for rest/light stretching, so I am going to end my day with a little yoga session.


Welp, I am off to get ready for work!   You guys have a great day!




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