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We all have worth

Morning Morning!  I hope your weekend has been a great one!   This past week, to me, has kind of been all over the place with blogging.  I have stuck to my schedule, but it just seems like I ran out of daylight to blog.  I have also barely managed to get pictures of my meals!  Agh!  Breakfast hasn’t been that hard, but once the day gets going I lose track of time.


Let’s back up to Friday:

I had to work all day, but I got an invite from my friend to her daughters slumber party.  Now I couldn’t stay all night, but I was sure going to put in an appearance.  Ahhh, remember the days where you could just enjoy being a kid and dance the night away??  We had Just Dance 3 and 4.  Whew!  That game can really make you sweat!  We had a blast!   I think I left around 10:00 seeing as how I had to work the next day.

A good friend (Gale) texted me while I was there to ask me to call her…..and when I did she told me that she wanted to go to the Casting Crowns concert this weekend and she needed someone to go with her.  See, the concert was last night (Saturday) and she wasn’t sure if we could actually get tickets, but if she did, did I want to go??  Sure!



I got up really early to start my day, which I love doing, and headed into work.  Right when I got off work, Gale called me to tell me that she was able to get tickets!  So…..we were going to the concert!  It’s funny, I haven’t been to a whole lot of concerts, but this is probably the smoothest one that I have been to.  Gale lives like 15 minutes from the arena, she paid for close parking, and for last minute tickets the seats were great!

Walking up the hill…


Casting Crowns had a couple of opening acts and one of them just happen to be one of my favorite bands…..Kristian Stanfill.  They sang a couple of songs and they were great!

Not the best pictures, but it was such a great show!


I have always loved Casting Crowns, but I have never been able to see them in concert.  Did you know that they go home every weekend to serve in their own churches??  They do.  In fact, they were leaving right after the concert to do just that.

Their music was great and they sound really great live!  I think what I enjoyed the most was the message that they were spreading.

It was pretty amazing to see so many people there.  We all have problems.  We all feel lonely at times.  We feel like outcasts.  But when we are together, being one, it was pretty amazing.  We were able to put aside ourselves and just be there, worshiping God, together.

Something that was said last night really resonated with me.  “Your future is a memory to God.”  How cool is that??   I know life can seem really hard at times.  We deal with difficult stuff.  It’s so easy to let that get us down and dictate what we present to the world.  We worry about what people think and let that take us to a place of rejection.  But see, God loves us so much that when these things happen in our lives He wants us to turn to Him.  Because He created us and knew us before we were even born, He has our future planned out for us.  I want to live like I know that!

We all have worth, we are all important.



Today is my long run!!   6 miles.  You know, 6 months ago this wouldn’t seem easy to me, but I am pretty excited about getting out there.

Because I got home so last from the concert, I really felt like my body needed sleep this morning, so I will be doing my run when I get home from church.  Do I like to run in the afternoon??  It’s not so bad, but I do prefer mornings… 🙂



Oatmeal with one tbsp of almond butter and one egg.  (I am out of fruit)


I hope you guys have a great Sunday!


Scary movie list

Well hello there.  How was your Thursday???   Is it me, or do the weeks just kind of run together anymore??  🙂

I got up and around this morning at 6:30, downed my first cup of coffee and then jumped into my running gear.  Today was my speed run of 4 miles.

Let’s break it down:


Mile One:    9.41

Mile Two:    8.34 (<<fastest mile yet!)

Mile Three:    9.03

Mile Four:    9.46


Total Time:    37:15

Average Pace:    9.16


I really felt great on this run.  I’ll admit, I was a little tired and wanted to just sleep in, but once I got started it was on.  Here is how Cait broke my drills down.  I would run fast for a set time and then run at a regular pace for a set time.

3 minutes/2 minutes

2 minutes/2 minutes

1 minute/2 minutes

1 minute/finish out the run at a regular pace.


“one day at a time, one run at a time”




One Pumpkin Waffle, one banana, and one egg.  111  🙂



I have also been enjoying one of these on my way into work….

Kind of wish they would make a dark roast… 😉




One Pear (which was super sweet!) and some Chobani Champions Greek yogurt


A little while later I ate some grilled chicken that I had brought from home.


I wasn’t too hungry this afternoon, so I waited to eat when I got home tonight….No picture yet, but it was chili.  Recipe to come!!



So I am not a huge fan of scary movies by any means.  But with Halloween coming up I wanted to make a list of some of my favorite scary movies….  Ok, here goes.

  1. Halloween
  2. Silver Bullet
  3. The Lost Boys
  4. Misery
  5. Copycat
  6. I know what you did last summer
  7. When a Stranger Calls
  8. The Woman In Black


Ok, I could only come up with 8, but as you can see…..Most of them are just suspense.  What about you??  Do you have a favorite scary movie that you like to watch every Halloween??


Welp, that is all that I have folks.  I am off to bed!  Have a great night!!



7 Miles? Why not??

Hello!   Happy Sunday!   I trust that your weekend has been a good one for you.  🙂


I set my alarm for 5:00 Saturday night and when it went off it kind of startled me.  On today’s schedule was a 7 mile run and I wanted to get after this morning.  I didn’t sleep all that great last night, so when I got up I felt pretty tired.  I got up and around and by 6:00 I was on the treadmill.



7 Miles.

Mile One:    9.57

Mile Two:    9.54

Mile Three:    9.44

Mile Four:    9.42

Mile Five:    9.40

Mile Six:    9.50

Mile Seven:    9.34


Total time:    1:08:31

Average Pace:    9.46


This by far has been the farthest that I have ever ran.  I’ll have to admit, when I first got started I really doubted whether or not that I could actually do it.  I felt stiff during mile one, but by mile three my legs felt really great. When I got to mile four I remember thinking….only three left, only three left.  Of course I continued this pattern up until I finished mile seven.  🙂

A couple of things:  My legs are pretty sore.  🙂  I have always had issues with my left IT band and so far it’s not bothered me at all since I started running again in April of this year.  Today I am feeling just a slight pain there.  When I finished my run I immediately did some foam rolling and some deep stretching, but tonight before I go to bed I am going to do another round.  I want to be able to walk tomorrow!   I am also feeling some soreness in my lower core.  This I think is pretty normal, but I am totally taking it easy tomorrow and just going to continue with the stretching.

I feel very proud of myself for doing this!!  I mean, I can’t even believe that I ran 7 miles!!


Cait is working on next weeks running schedule, but I am pretty sure that Monday will be a rest day.  🙂


After a brief storm last night, it’s absolutely gorgeous here!  It’s a perfect fall day!



Have a great rest of the day!


Afternoon check-in

Today has turned into kind of a sad day.  We had to take our outside dog (Buster) to the vet this morning and they ended up putting him to sleep.  On top of having heart worms he was 15  years old.  The vet reassured us that it was the best thing.


Also popping in to let you know the meal plan is going great!


Mid-morning snack:

Cait wanted me to keep my snacks in between 150 and 180 calories.

This wasn’t quiet 150, but I wasn’t all that hungry.  120 calories



Turkey wrap with: turkey, lettuce, spinach, avocado, half an apple, and some dark cherry greek yogurt.



Creeper alert!


Once I got home from work, I went through all of my summer clothes and winter clothes to start a yard sale pile.  This took about an hour and a half and made me really sleepy for some reason.

What did I do about this???   I took a 45 minute nap.

When I got up I was a bit hungry, so I grabbed a snack:

2/3 cup of cottage cheese and some diced peaches.


See you guys later!  Don’t forget to love on your pets.



Exciting News!

How has your Sunday been??   I hope it’s been a good one!


So, I have some exciting news to tell you.  I really can’t contain myself!  As of this very moment I have a running coach!!!   Yes, I said it!   Running Coach.  It’s none other than fellow Sweat Pink Ambassador Cait Chock over at The Arty Runner Chick.

I couldn’t be more excited about this!  Cait posted this great post over at her blog the other day… and it really kind of sums up why I wanted to reach out to someone who was a lot more knowledge about the sport.

What does this mean?  It means this:  I was looking for more structure when it came to my running.  I have really been just getting on the treadmill and taking off.  What I want is to develop more speed, endurance, and balance.

Not only do I want to work on my running, but I also want to be able to fuel my body for it correctly.  I’ll admit, running makes me want to eat a horse sometimes, but what I want is a balance around that horse.  So Cait will be sending me a meal plan to properly fuel my running body and horse seeking tummy.  🙂

Upon her request, I sent a total of my mileage since April and a condensed list of some of my favorite meals that would give her an idea of what I like and what I was eating.  See, I don’t think that I was eating properly and I wanted her to see that.  I wanted her to see that I drink a mocha or and iced coffee nearly every day.  I wanted her to see that I really don’t measure out anything when I eat my meals.  The beauty of all of this is the balance in the meal plan that she sent me.  Some of you are probably thinking…”um, you couldn’t come up with your own meal plan???”  Yes and no.  Sure I can come up with a meal plan, but there is also something about not thinking about it.  I just look down the list, get the items I need and then bam!

I also wanted to share the goals that I sent to Cait:

  1. Build speed.
  2. Run 13.1 miles.  No, it’s not a marathon, but it’s enough for right now.
  3. Build my confidence.
  4. Work on diet/nutrition.
  5. Lose weight.

Really and truly, these goals are really all tied together.  When I reach one of them, they all fall into place.  Because I can’t tell you how much running has affected me.  I really can’t.  The other day, my dad told me that every time I start something new that is all that I want to talk about.  I’ll be honest, it didn’t come at a good moment for me and it kind of hurt my feelings.  (I tend to wear them on my sleeves).  I don’t want it to hurt my feelings though, I want it to spur me on!

One of the things that I am really loving so far is that Cait is so encouraging.  Failure is not an option.  I can see how running has made her into who she is today.  🙂


My first week:

  • Monday:  2 miles (easy pace)
  • Tuesday:  light stretching
  • Wednesday:  3 miles (speed run)
  • Thursday:  light stretching
  • Friday:  2 miles (easy pace)
  • Saturday:  light stretching
  • Sunday:  6 miles (easy pace)


I love that we all have different journey’s that we are on.  I really am excited to incorporate running into mine.  🙂


So that’s it.  I now have a running coach.  Someone to do the thinking for me.  Someone to push me past my limits.  Someone to refocus my negative thoughts into positive ones.


Thank you so much for being apart of my journey!  I will be sure to keep you posted on how it is going and continue to post pics of my eats, but on a more structured basis…..not so sporadic.


Cait, you are a special young woman and I am so glad to be apart of your running smartness.  🙂



Cait instructed me not to run more than 5 miles today, so that is what I did this morning before church.  5 miles.  Done.  The more that I run, the better I feel.


Well, that’s it guys!  I hope you have a great night!



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