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Vitamin D what??

Morning!  Oh there you are Wednesday!!!   Have you seen the movie Hook?  I love that movie!   The line in there that says, “Oh there you are Peter!”  Ahhh, great scene.  Great movie.


Meal Plan:

Breakfast:    1 waffle with nut butter and one egg/coffee

Snack:    half of a banana

Lunch:    Salad with: greens, walnuts, chicken, strawberries, and feta cheese

Snack:    cherries

Dinner:  Salmon/red potatoes/veggies

Snack:    dark chocolate




Well, I got the results of my blood work that I had done last week.  Guess what?  I am fine.  Well, sort of.  My hormones are actually fine.  The only thing that I thought was kind of low was my Thyroid (1.48).  The nurse said it’s low on the “normal” side.  Guess that is why I am a banker.  Anyhoo, my vitamin D levels are low.  Actually moderately low……….just one step up from severe.  For a second, I was disappointed that it wasn’t something……oh I don’t know……..more.  For months now I have felt off and really wanted some sort of explanation.  Something big!  “oh Ms. So and so you  have this and we are going to give you this to take care of it.”  I really did get that, but I didn’t expect it to me something simple.  Craziness I know!!


So I got to digging around:

Vitamin D Deficiency Symptoms are:  bone pain, joint pain, muscle fatigue, pain and weakness.  You may also experience high blood pressure, seasonal affective disorder (SAD), and psoriasis.

Vitamin D is a thyroid hormone that helps the body regulate calcium and phosphorous.  It promotes absorption of calcium and phosphorous in the intestines and is required fo normal formation and mineralization of bone.  The body cannot utilize calcium without Vitamin D.


I also wanted to share some of the other things that stuck out to me while I was looking things up.

  • Vitamin D deficiency symptoms can be very misleading.  Depression is one of the symptoms of long-term deficiency, but depression can be caused by many other factors.  Treating depression with antidepressants when you have a vitamin D deficiency could be useless.  Meaning that the cause of depression could be physical, rather than emotional.
  • Obesity an also be related to a vitamin D deficiency.  If you are trying to lose weight, but you are not getting anywhere with the diet, perhaps your vitamin D levels are low.  Vitamin D can prevent you from losing weight, no matter how hard you exercise.
  • Vitamin D can be found in dairy products, animal meat, eggs, and fish (sardines and salmon).  Beef liver is another great source.
  • 15-20 minutes a day in the sun is a great source


After reading some of this information, it would explain a lot.  I really don’t want to be one of those people who reads a list of symptoms and goes, “that’s me!”  With that said I do have a lot of them and the test proves it.  I’ll be honest, the weight part sticks out the most to me.  This part has really bothered me the most.  No matter what I do, my weight doesn’t change.  No matter how many workouts I do, my stamina decreases.  Argh!


Finding out is a good thing though!!  My doctor did prescribe some high dosage Vitamin D pills so I am hoping to see a difference……soon.  🙂  One of the things that I have noticed is that I don’t eat a lot of red meat.  Hardly ever.  In fact, I can’t remember the last time that I ate red meat.  This is not something that I have done on purpose, I just prefer chicken instead.  Fish, turkey and fake meat instead.  Maybe I should try to eat more of it????

This doesn’t mean that I am going to rush out and buy some beef liver mind you. 😉


What’s something that makes you smile? 

A good movie?


A smoldering actor?


A great cup of coffee?


A good book?


Cute puppies!?


How about chocolate?


A good work out?


There is so much that can make me smile.  I want to enjoy each moment that I am given and to smile about it.  Each moment that we are given is special.  Even stressful moments and the hard moments.  They make us stronger and they build our character.  I want to spend my time smiling, not worrying about things that just don’t matter.


I hope you have a great day!!


How in the world is it Wednesday??

Morning!!  It’s hump day!  I can’t believe it…..Having a short week sure does throw me off, but it is so worth having an extra day off.  🙂  I am really excited for the weekend….I am off Saturday for one, but I am also getting together with a friend Friday night for dinner and a movie.  We are going to see Snow White and the Huntsman.  Yay!


I will get to yesterday’s workout in just a minute, but just let me tell you I am pretty sore this morning!  In the best way possible.  🙂  Aaaaand, I got the best sleep last night.


Let’s get to the eats shall we?


Tuesday’s Breakfast:

Cranberry Smoothie:

  • 1/3 frozen banana
  • 2 scoops Visalus
  • 1/2 cup of cranberry juice
  • 1/2 cup of almond milk
  • spinach
  • 1 tsp chia seeds

The spinach kind of gave it a green tint. 🙂




I finished off the cottage cheese by adding some sliced pears.








Chicken wrap with spinach and provolone cheese, pineapples, and cabbage salad.  On the cabbage salad I had this salad dressing:

  • 1/4 cup of olive oil
  • 1 tbsp of white vinegar
  • 1 tbsp of sesame seed oil
  • dash of sweetener
  • seasoning to taste


Tuesday’s Workout:

Day two of Insanity!!!  Holy cow!!  Plyometric circuit work outs are brutal!  Seriously, at one point (and I hate to admit this) I had tears in my eyes.  At one point I really just wanted to quit.  I mean, there were times I had to catch my breath, but I mean I just wanted to stop all together!  I didn’t think that my body could take anymore and then the tears started to swell up.  I have never cried over a workout before.   With that said, it felt amazing to complete this workout!!  Let’s break it down:

We started with a warm-up and then proceeded to do this two additional times……faster each time.  Then Shaun took us right into some great stretching.  I have always thought that a lot of DVD instructors skimp out on the stretching.  Not this one! After a good stretch, Shaun jumped right in with the first circuit.  He approached each circuit like the warm-up, three rounds each time, building speed.  He does stress that form is more important than speed.  🙂


It is exactly 10 days before we leave on our vacation to South Dakota.  I can’t even tell you how ready I am for this vacation.  🙂

I think we are actually going to have to pack some jackets and sweat-shirts.  Awww, I just hate that.  😉


Hope you have a great day!





Off Their Rockers and Self

It’s Wednesday 🙂    Has it been a good week for you so far??  As I set here typing this up I am watching Betty White’s Off Their Rockers.  This show is hilarious!!!  Have you seen it?


I picked up the new Self Magazine today, (the one with Bethenny Frankel on it), and it has some great stuff in it!  One of the things that really caught my eye was this Drop 10 Plan.  Self even has a link on their web-site with tons of recipes, fitness, and food tips.

Another reason this interests me is because I have about 10-15 pounds that I would love to lose.  Here’s the thing.  It’s not really for vain reasons.  I just feel uncomfortable.  I have just been struggling on how to approach this journey in my life.  I have done this before, I know how to lose the weight, but it’s seems to be different this time.  I am not sure why it is, but it is.

Crazy as it sounds, I feel like I am having to start from scratch.  To sort of re-educate myself about fitness and health.  I do love a challenge though. 🙂

I have always been told (and read) that the best way to lose weight is cardio, cardio, cardio.  One of the sections in the Self magazine lays out this HIIT (high intensity interval training) treadmill workout.  What does it include??  Sprints.  As I read this, I was like…..”there is no way!” I have never even attempted sprints!  But you know what?  I am going to do it!  My question is this?   If I do treadmill sprints, should I still do different cardio workouts?  Or, work in some strength training?  My thought would be strength training.  Just wanted your opinion.  🙂


I tried to cut some calories from my breakfast this morning by using the PB2 instead of my Dark Chocolate Dreams on my GF toast.




Gluten-free toast, PB2, half a banana, chia seeds


The calorie difference??

Dark Chocolate Dreams: 2 tbsp=170 Calories

PB2:  2 tbsp=45 Calories

I won’t completely replace peanut butter with the PB2 because the PB2 doesn’t have all of the good fats that regular peanut butter does.



I also found a new recipe on one of my favorite blogs that I read: Sweet Tooth Sweet Life

Zucchini Banana Chocolate chip bread



Trust me, you don’t even taste the zucchini!  This bread is super moist! 🙂



I had a visitor while I was taking the pictures 🙂

Isn’t she sweet??


I am feeling a little sleepy tonight, so I am hoping to get into bed a little early tonight.  😉


Don’t forget!!  There is still a chance for you to get the Sweat Pink Shoe Laces!!


Question:  Have you ever just done sprints/running as your only workout?



Sweat Pink Giveaway!

Hello people!  🙂  Happy Tuesday!  I hope that you had a great day!   It was another beautiful day here in Arkansas.  So pretty, that I would have loved to stay outside today!  A hike, a run, a walk, a picnic…..just be outside.

First off, I wanted to direct you to a really good blog post by Brittany at Itty Bits of Balance.  Curves and All.    It’s a really great post!!


I am so excited about what I am about to post!  It’s Faith Fitness and Laughter’s first giveaway!!!  What do you get you ask??



It’s the Sweat Pink shoe laces!!  These laces aren’t just any laces.  They represent strength, determination, courage, and focus.  It means going strong and going hard!  It means you have made the decision (or decisions) to go healthy and make some awesome changes in your life.  (US Residents only please)


To qualify here’s what ya do:

  1. Leave a comment telling me some of the healthy decisions that you have made recently
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Edited to add:  The first 8 comments will be the winners!!! 




Gluten-free toast, Dark Chocolate Dreams, half a banana, and chia seeds





One Mandarin orange





Turkey meat/quinoa mix on a flat-out.  Very random, I am out of spinach!!  Agh!!



Afternoon Snack:

half a banana with 72% dark chocolate



No picture, but I had Breakfast!!   Two organic eggs, with turkey bacon and GF toast.




60 minutes of Amy Dixon’s Breathless!!


4/25/2012 Meal Plan:

Breakfast:  GF toast, 1/2 banana, nut butter, chia seeds

Snack:  Mandarin orange

Lunch:  Tuna Salad with greek yogurt instead of mayo, flat-out, grapes

Snack:  Cottage cheese/almonds

Dinner:  Salmon, asparagus, roasted sweet potatoes


4/25/2012 Workout plan:

Jessica Smith’s Cardio Mix


Hope you have a great night!!! 😉


Is Eating Healthy Easy?

Morning!  Oh my Lordy was it great to sleep in this morning!  I may even take a nap later on too. 😉  It’s super windy and super cool outside.  My kind of weather!  Don’t get me wrong, I like warm weather, but I really love cool, windy days.  I love long sleeves and scarves.  Ahhh. 🙂

The summers here in Arkansas are let’s just say, brutal.  The humidity is like 100% all the time, so I know that I will be wishing for weather like this in a month or so.

Is Eating Health Easy?

I purchased the new Fitness magazine yesterday and there is this great article about healthy eating made easy.  This title really got my attention, especially with the struggles that I have been having lately.

Here are some of the things that really jumped out at me:

  1. Find your balance.  What works for you, may not work for someone else.  Quality is just as important as quantity.  Reach for items that are loaded with vitamins and nutrients.  Stay away from starchy veggies
  2. Stop the endless grazing.  Sometimes eating six small meals a day can actually lead to more eating.  This one really intrigued me, mainly because I have always heard that eating many small meals is a more balanced way to do things.  Step one comes into play here.  After you find your balance, you should find out what works for you when it comes to the meals.  I am not saying reach for the 100 Calorie packs when you get hungry, but actually eating three fully balanced meals and maybe a couple of snacks during the day is the best way.
  3. Write down what you eat.  Not only does this hold you accountable, it helps you see what you are actually putting into your body.  When you start to put on the weight, and you wonder why, then you can refer back to your food intake and know the answer.  Of course there are other things that may cause you to gain weight.
  4. Stock your kitchen for success.  Just because you buy the healthy items, doesn’t mean that you are going to eat them.  When you purchase fruits and veggies, pre-cut them and get them ready to use.  Also, put them in your eye line.  If you see it, you will eat it.
  5. Afternoon treats.  If you know that you get cravings late in the afternoon, plan for it.  Don’t set yourself up to fail by reaching for something that is high in calories.  Place some healthy items around the office or even in the car, to help you make better choices.
  6. If you cave, instead of feeling like a failure, put your big girl panties on and move on.  I think cutting yourself down only adds to this love/hate relationship that some of us can have with food.

Here are some things that the article suggests you stock your kitchen with:

  • Milk.  Milk can help restore your muscles after a really hard workout.
  • full-fat cheese
  • Greek yogurt
  • frozen veggies
  • healthy frozen meals (less than 400 calories, less than 500 mg of sodium)
  • less-sodium lunch meat
  • cleaned and portioned frozen fish fillets
  • whole-grain cereal, crackers and pasta
  • peanut butter
  • canola oil



100 Calorie Thomas English Muffin, chocolate nut butter, 1/2 of a banana, and some chia seeds.

I am thoroughly enjoying just setting here and chilling out this morning, but I do have to get my sweat on!!


I will be doing Jessica Smiths work out, Total Body Tune Up.


Sweat Pink Blog Love:

Want a new t-shirt!?!  Go check this out!  Get Chicking Movement  My SPA Sister Cait has put together this great shirt for girls who are super chick!


Have a great morning and a great day!!  I will talk to you guys later! 🙂


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