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…and how was your Saturday?

I can’t believe this day is coming to an end!   Getting up at 4:30 this morning seems like ages ago.  🙂   So how has your Saturday been?

Today has been just another relaxing day and I have enjoyed it very much.  My mom and I headed up to Main Street to see all the happenings of Bean Fest…


There were vendors…

It was also getting pretty crowded with people cooking their beans… 🙂



There were flea markets…


I really think that I have a problem…. 😉



This afternoon I wanted to go for a walk, so I grabbed my dad and forced him to go with me.  He thought we were just going to go a ways and then turn back.  No, we didn’t.  We ended up probably covering a mile and a half…..and conquered a very large hill.  It was funny, he was telling me stories from when he was a little boy and then when we started up the hill he got very quiet.  🙂



This wasn’t the hill, but it was toward the end of our walk….


It’s been a good day!  I hope you have had a great one and that you have a great night! 🙂





Enjoy Your Surroundings

Well hello there!   It’s Saturday!!  If any of you guys are running races today….. You’re Awesome!  🙂   I on the other hand am going to be hitting up so flea market stores, local vendors, and some coffee shops with my mom today!  It’s Bean Fest here in Mt View AR this weekend and so there are tons of things to do!  What’s Bean fest??  It’s where tons of people come from all around to cook beans.  Really it is.  There are other things involved too, but that’s the gist of it.  🙂  There are between 30 and 40 thousand people here for this event!!


Yesterday, my parents and I just enjoyed our surroundings…







It was such a beautiful day too!   It was super windy and super cool, but it was still a nice day.  It was nice to spend it with my parents.  🙂


I woke up at 4:30 this morning so I have only managed to get coffee down…..  I am thinking yogurt/egg/waffle combo.



My legs are SO sore from running outside yesterday.  But it’s the good kind of sore…    When I sent Cait a text to let her know about my run, I also told her that it was outside.  She wants to incorporate some “ground” running as well and I am pretty excited about it!

I am a little nervous about my long run Sunday….I can’t get in touch with the lady that is supposed to get me the code for the gym.  I am not quite ready to do the entire long run on the ground so I am not sure what this means if I am not able to do it.  That is totally why I love working with Cait!!  She can figure that out for me!  It’s one of the great reasons I really sought out help from her.  I know that she has my best interest in mind and she knows what I can and can’t do at this point in my running stage.  Running coaches are the best!


I am out!  Have a wonderful day!





Holla Thursday!

So how is your Thursday going so far??  Well, I am officially on vacation for the next few days!  I made it to where my parents are at around 11:45.  I think that every time I come here (Mt View AR) the trip seems shorter and shorter.  I was really looking forward to seeing some fall foliage, but the trees were either dead or the leaves hadn’t turned yet.  It’s pretty breezy here today and I think that it might rain/storm tonight.


It’s pretty low-key here and I am not complaining one bit.  I went outside for a while and read for a bit, but it became and ordeal to hold my head up so I came inside and dozed for about 30 minutes.  I am not ashamed.  🙂

I have also tried something new…. pluots

Not sure what type of fruit that it is, but it was pretty good.  🙂


Part of my drive here….




It was speed drill day!!   I felt really great this morning before my run.  I couldn’t wait to get my gear on and get out the door.  I was a little concerned because my IT band has been a little pestersome this week.  I have stretched and foam rolled extra this week!


Mile One:    9.35

Mile Two:    8.33 (holy shiitake mushrooms! Shaved 60 seconds off of my fastest mile!)

Mile Three:    8.45

Mile Four:    9.11


Total Time:    36:03

Average Pace:    8.59


Done and done.


Welp, that’s all she wrote!  I hope you guys have a fantastic day!!  🙂 🙂


The temperature is supposed to drop tonight and I cannot wait!!   Eeeek!!  Cold weather!!



Tuesday Morning Coffee time.

Morning!   So I am setting here this morning, drinking a glorious cup of coffee, watching Castle.  The last couple of days have been a little busy, so I decided to unplug for a bit.  I spent Saturday at the soccer field with my brother and his family and we had the best time.  The kids had their regular games, but they also had some make-up games.  It was so much fun!

I thought that it was finally time to get out my Starbucks pumpkin cup!  🙂


My niece Erin just loves it when I take a hundred pictures of her.  She really does.  🙂


They really are the coolest kids.  Ever.


Dalton has a lil friend that also plays soccer and the even share the same number.


All of the dads sat in this same position.  🙂    My brother does it well…


So yesterday I had to only work a half-day and I was so ready to leave at noon.  Once noon rolled around I headed over to wal-mart to pick up some poster board and then I headed straight home to wash my car.  It really needed it!  I really wanted to go somewhere, but don’t really have a lot of money to just go and my friend that was at home is packing up her house to move to Ohio soon.  Sooooo, I did a few things around the house.  Around 4:30 my friend called and had decided that she didn’t want to set at home so we ended up going to a nearby town to pick up a few things that she wanted.  Where did we go??   First stop was Hastings.  She and her son went to the movie section and I went to the book section.  🙂

Second stop was Starbucks.  Now if you know me, you know that I can never go here and not get anything.  My friend ended up paying for everything!   Two stops down and still no money spent!

Third and final stop……Target.  I was actually kind of glad that this was one of our stops.  I really needed a new pair of jeans, so I went straight to the women’s department and found a pair for $20!  Score!


When I got home, my friend sent me this text!  Her cat Potter dressed as a bee.   🙂



So yesterday was a total rest day for me.  I ended up doing some stretching and some foam rolling and it felt great!


Here is my schedule for the week complements of Cait at Arty Runner Chick:


Monday:    Rest with lots of stretching

Tuesday:    3 miles, easy pace.  Core work: 30 second plank, 10 push-ups, 25 crunches, 10 squats, two times through.

Wednesday:    Rest with stretching

Thursday:    4 miles of speed work.  10 minute warm-up, 3 minutes fast-3 minutes easy, 2 minutes fast-2 minutes easy, 1 minute fast-2 minutes easy, 1 minute fast-and then finish up with an easy pace.

Friday:    3 miles easy pace.  Same core work from Tuesday.

Saturday:    Rest with stretching

Sunday:    Long run of 6 miles



So it’s Tuesday.  Just four more days until the weekend.  I have to work, but that’s ok too….. 🙂   I have some vacation time coming up and I am really ready for a break of just lazy mornings, coffee with the sunrise, hangin out with my parents, staying in my pj’s all day long…  😉


I hope you guys have a great day!




Jacked up Lawn mower

Hello!   How’s your Saturday going?

Iced coffee with no liquid sugar.  Yes please.


Work was pretty interesting.  See, our systems were offline today, so we weren’t actually able to look up anything.  Can I just say this??   Know your account number.  Especially on days like today.  Your banker does not have every customers account number memorized.  😉   We really weren’t all that busy, but right at 11:30…..bam!  You just have to do what you have to do….take one customer at a time.

After work I headed home to finish mowing the lawn and my lawn mower drama continues.  First it was the wheel, now it just won’t even start.  Agh!!  So I ended up putting some weed killer down and calling it good.

My tummy started to talking to me right after this so…….

  • 1 egg
  • 1 slice of gouda cheese
  • 3 thin slices of turkey
  • two slices of potatoe bread (Have you ever had this before??)





The weather is perfect today!  It’s still a little warm (mid to upper 80’s), but it’s just really nice outside.  Makes me want to go for a run.  🙂  I really need to rest though!


I added a couple of apps to my phone today and I was playing around..

Neat huh?  They are from Pic Jointer and Instacollage.    They are going to take some getting used to, but I think they are pretty cool.


I am out!  Have a great afternoon!! 🙂



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