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Wednesday is gonna have wings!

Morning!   It’s my Friday!   I just have this feeling that this day is gonna go two ways.  It’s either gonna fly by or drag by.  😉  I am hoping for the former.  Well, at least until I get home.  I have so much to do today!

Am I weird that I want to clean the house before I leave??  I really don’t like coming home from a vacation to a house that needs to be cleaned.  I will even change out my sheets whether they need it or not before I leave.  Coming home to clean sheets….ahhh.  🙂  I mean I do the whole nine yards… dust, mop, toilets….you get the picture.


Halloween is next week!!   Here’s the deal.  I love the holidays.  I really do!  Everything about them!  But it’s Halloween that starts the holiday foods.  Halloween leads to Thanksgiving and more baking.  Thanksgiving leads to Christmas and parties with cookies and cheesecakes.  Christmas leads to New Years and more food themed parties.  New Years leads to Valentines, which involves copious amounts of chocolate.  That’s 5 months of candy, cookies, cakes, fudge….You get the picture.

How do you prepare for the holidays??  Do you restrict yourself from having a good time?  Or, do you enjoy the holidays to the fullest and eat everything that is put in front of you?  Is and should there be a balance??

For me, there has to be a balance.  I really hate restricting myself from enjoying everything about the holidays.  Restricting leads to so many other harmful things.





One banana, one egg, and one pumpkin spice waffle with one tbsp of almond butter.


Well, I am off to get a shower and start my day!  Have a great one and check ya later!!


Oh that pumpkin spice!

Morning!  So I have got this eye twitch thing and it’s driving me crazy!!  It’s my left eyelid.  I have been staring at my computer, laptop, and phone an awful lot lately.  More than usual.  I am thinking that is the culprit!  🙂


My first cup of coffee wasn’t all that good.  I am not sure why, but it didn’t taste very good.  The second however was really good.  🙂

I was also craving some oatmeal.  Instant, but it was really good!  I added some pumpkin spice to give it that fall like flavor.  1 egg and half of a banana.



Really catching up on some sleep lately.  I went to bed around 10:30 last night and didn’t get up until 7:00.  I really hadn’t planned on sleeping that late, but it sure was nice.



Going to do some stretching in a yoga session.



It’s supposed to be a beautiful day today!!  I am going to spend my lunch at the park and I really can’t wait to get out of the bank.  🙂


Have a great morning/day!!





New workout Challenge!

Good Afternoon!  It’s super sunny today and I am loving it!  The temp outside is still a bit cool, but it’s winter ya know.  🙂

I woke up without my alarm this morning, mainly because I didn’t set it.  On the days I go in late, I usually don’t set it and after yesterdays run my legs needed the rest.  They are super sore today!!  Post workout I went for some breakfast………and I changed it up.  Ahhh I love and respect change.  If you knew me you would know I was lying.  hehe

1 Dannon Key Lime Greek Yogurt, with some cereal in the mix.  Pumpkin spice flax, and Quaker oat bran.   I don’t think I took a breath as I was scarfing it down!

I spared you a picture of dinner last night, mostly because I had the same thing for lunch and knew I would post a pic.  🙂

 Quinoa, with chicken and spinach…..and an orange on the side.  I was bound and determined to eat that stinkin orange.  It was VERY difficult to peel!  I prayed that it would be sweet… was. 😉

My boss had a meeting at our main office today so I am just now getting a break, so I thought I would do a little blogging.  Tonight is going to be jammed packed so I wanted to fit it in.  McDonald’s is right next to where I work, and they have Wi-Fi.  Yippie!

Now to the main topic I really wanted to share with you!  I was checking out one of my favorite blogs called Sweet Tooth, Sweet Life, and there was a post about a new workout called Tabata.  After googling it and looking it up on YouTube, I thought that I would give it a try.  You really must check this out.  High intensity workouts, that are extremely short in time.  Who can beat that!!??

I also wanted to share this 30-day challenge that I saw on another blog that I enjoy reading, it’s called Itty Bits of Balance.  Brittany has incorporated this workout in her daily routine called BodyRock.  After reading about it, I thought that I would give it a go.  You simply go to the website and they have posted the workout for the day.  There is a video that you have access to that shows the workout and also breaks the workout down for you.  Which I liked, because the instructor gives you variations.  I will admit, some of the moves are a bit challenging, but I really did like it.  My workout this morning was 12 minutes long….12 minutes!!

Now I will do something else later, because I am a dork like that, but I really like this challenge.  If you want, follow along with me!  I will be posting my progress and the challenges that come with it.  I am sure the workouts will only get more difficult.  🙂

Anyway, it’s back to work for me.  I hope you have a great rest of the day wherever you are!

P.S.  Please forgive the randomness of this post!  Trying to fit this in with only an hour was kinda tough.


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