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Is that rain I hear???

Morning!  How has your weekend been so far?  Good I hope.  🙂  I have really had a great weekend!  Spent it relaxing, with friends, and most importantly not feeling rushed around.


I found some pictures on my phone that I forgot that I took!  This was Friday night:

There is the lake with a monastery that rests on it….The wind was blowing and it was cloudy, which made for a cool picture.  🙂



We started out with appetizers and beverages…This spinach/artichoke dip was amazing!


Dinner was served!

I went with the grilled salmon and steamed veggies.  This dish was really good!  Broccoli was supposed to be in the veggies, but there was only like one piece.  :/


This is the outside of the restaurant……Not the best picture, but it was really located in a cool spot.  As a matter of fact, I think that the Little Rock Crossfit was nearby.  Gonna check that out….I think…..maybe not……I am scared just typing it.  Lol! 🙂


After my run yesterday, I wanted to recover from the shock of it, so I made myself a glorious smoothie!

These always hit the spot!


Saturday afternoon:

I told you that I went over to a good friend of mines to watch a movie and to eat dinner.  We had a great time!   I always have a great time when I Mrs. Sherry.  Her and her husband are really special to me. I know that I can always go to them and just be myself.  I couldn’t remember if I was bringing dessert or what, so I just grabbed a bag of steamed veggies and threw them in the microwave.  😉    Of course she had the whole meal planned.  🙂   We had salad with the following:

  • spring mix
  • walnuts
  • strawberries
  • snap peas
  • cucumbers
  • tomatoes
  • chicken

This was so good!  I can’t remember the dressing, but it was just an oil based dressing and I am telling you it was delicious!!  I did get my steamed broccoli fix!!  There were a ton of em in the bag that I had!



The movie we watched was Sense and Sensibility.

Love this movie!!


On my way home from my friend’s house, it rained!!  Not very much and not for very long, but it did rain.  It’s supposed to rain even more today, so keep your fingers crossed!




Two eggs cooked in olive oil, one slice of canadian bacon, two slices of gluten free toast.


Well, I am off……Got to go get ready for church.  🙂


Saturday, how I love thee.

Morning!!  I didn’t have time to get a post ready last night, for this morning, but I am off today so it’s all good.  🙂  It’s hard to believe that this week is over.  I mean, Monday was a holiday so it was short week, but it seemed incredibly long.  Yesterday was the first, and if you know anything about banking, it was a nightmare!  Ahhh, how I love thee first of the month.  🙂  It did make the day go by super fast and before I knew it, it was time to go meet my friend for dinner and a movie.

We purchased tickets to the 7:00 show, but didn’t have a great deal of time to just hang out at dinner.  So, we headed to a pretty cool Mexican place that she knew about and scarfed down our food.  I also enjoyed an adult beverage, which after such a long week was pretty good.


Banana Margarita


The service at this Mexican restaurant was exceptional!  I think every 2 minutes they were asking us if everything was ok.  Once we finished, we headed over to the theater which was just a block away and found our seats.  Snow White and the Huntsman had just opened, so it was pretty crowded.

The verdict on the movie??   I really did like it a lot!!  Ok, here’s the deal.  I am not a huge fan of Kristen Stuart and think that I am the only human being on the planet that didn’t really catch the whole Twilight boat.  With that said, she did a good job.  Although I have only seen her in movies where she has this panicked look on her face.  🙂  Charlize was super scary as the Queen, I mean SUPER scary!!   The one that stood out the most was Chris Hemsworth.  Now, before you say, “it’s because he’s hot.”  It wasn’t that. 🙂  He actually is a really great actor and his performance stood out the most to me.


To actually be able to go see this movie, took strategic planning.

  • Evening work out had to be done in the AM
  • on my lunch break, I had to tend to my families outside animals
  • leave work by 5

These don’t seem like a whole lot, but when you add in the fact that we were super busy, it was a blur!  So much so, that when I came home on my lunch break to feed animals, I whipped together a Shakeology Smoothie



It called for two scoops of the mix, but I think that I will only put one next time.  It was super chocolatey!  I love chocolate, but whew!



Today’s workout:

I can’t believe this first week of Insanity is about to end!!  I have made it to Day 6!!  Today will consist of the first Plyometric workout, which will be about a 40 minute work out.


We are having a movie night at our church tonight and I am pretty excited!  We will be watching the movie, Billy the Early Years.  It’s how Billy Graham started his ministry and it’s a great movie.   We will be having finger foods and I think that I am going to make some HOT cheese dip!




One egg, 1/4 cup of egg whites, spinach on an 90 Calorie english muffin with some turkey bacon on the side.  Yum!



Well, I am off to start my day!  I need to do some yard work and make a run to the store.  I hope you have a wonderful day and I will check in with ya later!!


A few of my favorite things!

Hello hello!   So, it’s been a really good day!  Is it hot?  Yes.  Humid?   You bet.  But it’s still been a good day. 🙂

I wanted to do a post of some of my favorite things!  I added Instagram to my Iphone and I am completely hooked!  So I have been playing all afternoon.  I even drove around my small little town to take some pictures.


So here goes, some of my favorite things:


My Converse sneakers.  I love these things!  If I could wear them everyday, I would.  They just wouldn’t go with my work attire. 😉



The Cottage!  This is one of two really adorable cafe’s here where I live.  You can get a huge bowl of broccoli and cheese soup for like $2.50!


Brew Heaven.  This place has the best salads in town!  They also serve specialty coffee too!  If you ever drive thru town, you need to stop at this place!   (M-F 8-2)



Freedom.  I love my freedom so much.  In so many different ways really.  Through the blood of Jesus, I am free from spending an eternity without Him.  I have the freedom that I have because of special men and women who sacrifice their lives so that I can enjoy the things that I do.  This is a special weekend and I just want to take the opportunity to say “thank you” to all of you.  My dad served in the military and even served a year in Vietnam.  My grandpa also was at Iwo Jima in WWII.  It’s because of men like them that I am able to walk around and take pictures today.  I love you very much.



Baking.  If you know me, or have spent any time with me, you will know that I LOVE to bake.  Even if I am not going to eat a bite of it, I just love to bake it.  I got this recipe from Courtney at  Sweet Tooth Sweet Life.  This girl puts the best recipes on her blog!  I will say that I didn’t have any Oreo’s that it called for, but they are still to.die.for.  🙂



History.  I am a huge history buff.  That is why I just cannot wait for our trip to South Dakota in two weeks!  These are some of the required reading in the Seminary Extension classes that I took, with the exception of a couple of them.



Dance.  I L.O.V.E. to dance.  I am no professional by any means, but I just love to dance.  The best thing for me is to just turn on the radio and cut loose.  I mean it.  I love it that much.  You should see me in my car!!







Working out.  I can’t tell you how many positive things that have happened to me since incorporating fitness into my life.  Do I feel like doing it every day?  Not always.  Do I ever regret a work out?  Never.




Change.  As much as I hate to admit it, I do like change.  Sometimes it can be painful, but it’s still rewarding in the end.  It may require the ending of friendships, or even moving to another state (or country!).  Change can lead to so many things!  So many emotions!



Question:  What are some of your favorite things?





Hiking, Fro-yo, and Just Dance

Hey!  I hope your Saturday has been a good one!  What did I not do today??  The day started out cool and cloudy, but by lunch time it was beautiful!  After my workout this morning, I showered and headed over to my BF Angey’s house.  What did we do first??

Angey, her daughter Brianna and myself headed to Little Rock first to hit a Gluten-Free bakery.  The nice lady that owns it used to work with Angey so we wanted to stop in and say hello.  And of course buy some goodies!




This was the best place!  We ended up buying some bread and we each got a cookie.  Yum!



After the bakery, we went hiking!  Pinnacle Mt is super close, so we headed up there and spent most of the afternoon there.  It took exactly two hours to hike up and then back down.  It was SO pretty!!







After we made it back down, we snacked on our GF cookie and some chocolate coconut milk.  Yum!



A little while later, we headed over to another area to pick up some beauty items.  While we were in the area we stopped at a Fro-yo place.  This would be my first time at one of these places.  OH MY GOODNESS.






You think we would be done right??  Remember, this is after an hour of working out this morning and then hiking up a mountain.  We popped in Just Dance 3 and got our grove on!!




As I was leaving town, I wanted to stop and take a couple of pictures of my little town.



  1. Brew Heaven.  An awesome little cafe!
  2. Court House
  3. Center of town.



Welp, as you can imagine, I am about to crash for the night.  I hope you have had a great day!





Saturdays are goooooood :)

Ahhhh, I love Saturdays.  Don’t you?  First off, I slept amazing last night.  I don’t even remember anything past 10:30 and then it was time to get up and start the day!  For whatever reason, I wasn’t hungry when I got up this morning, so I just enjoyed a cup of coffee and then it was go time.

I headed into work early so that we could get things done.  We were a little short-staffed this week, but thank the Lord it wasn’t all that busy.  The only reason??  Spring Break I guess.  That is the only thing that I could come up with.  🙂  Whatever it was, it could have been a lot worse.


When I did get to work, my hunger finally knocked on my door…..I headed over to McDonald’s and grabbed an Egg McMuffin.  It was yummy. 🙂


The few hours went by pretty quickly at work, but when I was done I headed over to get one of these…

And when I walked in, I saw these two rug-rats…..


My lil man Dalton



My sweet lil girl, Erin.







I was pretty excited to see them…..I am a little partial to them ya know.   We made plans for a sleep over, I bought them cookies and ice cream, we talked Tin Tin, and then my nephew panicked when he thought that I was going to take his copy of Tin Tin, Dalton quoted movie lines from Transformers free (as he would say), and finally we took lots of pictures.  🙂


I am on the last season of King of Queens, I better pace myself.



Book Update:

Oh!!  I finished The Hunger Games!!    I LOVEd it!  Going to start the second book: Catching Fire tonight!




10 Pounds Down Better Body Blast by Jessica Smith:  20 minute arms



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