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Crisp cool Wednesday!

Happy Hump day!!  It is Wednesday right??  It’s also the third of the month.  In the banking world, this is a pretty busy day.  Everyone in the entire world gets a paycheck today.  Everyone.


In continuation of my meal plan for Tuesday, here are my eats for the rest of the day:


Morning snack:



My meal plan called for a turkey burger, but I didn’t have any turkey meat, so I improvised with some chicken.  I made some chicken burgers!  I also had some guacamole, lettuce, spinach and I also used 1 slice of whole wheat bread, but cut it in half.




Afternoon snack:

cottage cheese and peaches!



Brown rice, chicken patty, and some steamed veggies with cheese.



It’s a run day!!!  3 miles!!  Aaaand, I get to work on my speed today.  I will start out with a 10 minute warm-up jog, then I will do 5 sets of 1 minute at a fast pace and then follow up with a 2 minute recovery jog.

**Felt amazing on this run!**


Mile One:    9.11

Mile Two:    8.37

Mile Three:    8.57


Time:    26.57

Average Pace:    8.56




Remember when I told you yesterday morning that we were having a festival this weekend??  Timberfest?  Anyway, they are having work nights up at the local court-house this week so I went on up after work.

There is still a lot to do, and to be honest you kind of feel like you are in the way.  🙂  It will look pretty amazing when it’s all finished.  The people who are in charge have been doing it for a long time and pretty much have it down to science.  🙂



Nice feet shot!



Have a great day!!!



Happy October!

Morning!  I really can’t believe that it is October 1st!!    How in the world did that happen??  🙂   So many good things are happening right now and I am really excited about them.





2 eggs with spinach, 1 english muffin, and fruit.



Eggs with spinach, english muffin and some strawberries.





2 miles at an easy pace.  A couple of things that I tried to concentrate on were; standing tall, my breathing, and my arm swing.

Mile One:   9.42

Mile Two:   9.04


Total time:   18:55

Average Pace:   9.23


Today is my early day, so I will be leaving work at noon!  I have a couple of things that I would like to tackle today… switching out my summer clothes with more fall-like clothes.  It’s finally beginning to be boot weather.  🙂


You guys have a great day!!



Saturday Cartoons and an update!

Morning sunshine!  I slept so good last night!  One of the goals that I had was, getting into bed early and getting enough sleep.  So far so good! 


Right now, my nephew and I are watching Saturday cartoons.  When I was little, some of my favorites were: Scooby Doo, The Smurfs, The Littles, Strawberry Shortcake, Transformers, Heman… get the picture.  Saturdays were a big deal for my brother and I.  We would watch them, and then reenact them.  Ahhhh, good times.  🙂



Last night’s dinner:

I opted for a protein filled breakfast themed dinner.  Thomas English muffin, spinach, Canadian bacon, 1 slice of provolone cheese, and 1 egg. 




Instead of getting up and getting my workout in, I had this little guy wake me up and want to cuddle.  Um, it was like 5:58 when this took place.  🙂

Love this little guy.  I will skip out on a workout anytime for this little guy.  🙂



I have to work today, but then I am going to head to the track and meet Angey for a walk.  I can’t wait!  Do you have a best friend?  Someone that you can tell anything to and they don’t throw stones?  Angey is that person for me. 




I wanted something really quick this morning, so I opted for a smoothie:

  • 1 frozen banana
  • 1/2+ cup frozen blueberries (I finished the bag)
  • 1 tbsp flax
  • 1 tsp chia seeds
  • 1 scoop of chocolate whey protein powder
  • 1 cup of 35 Calorie Vanilla Almond milk
  • 2 tbsp of PB2
  • 1 large handful of spinach


What do you have planned today?  Relaxing?  Chilling out?  Planning a yard sale?  Taking a road trip? 



I wanted to give you an update on some of the goals that I set last week

  • Having some quiet time each day.  This is something that is keeping me sane and something that I really did miss.  So far so good.
  • Ripped in 30 Challenge.  My goal was to work out to this M-F and have two active rest days. Unfortunately it’s been a really busy week and I had to adjust my schedule.  No problem!  I have done the workout, but just not it’s scheduled day.  Looks like I will have to do it today and tomorrow.  Next week will be level two and my goal will be to get up before work to get it in.
  • No specialty coffee.  I didn’t do so hot with this one.  I had 3 last week. 
  • No candy.  Again, not so hot.  More specifically, Thursday.  One of the girls at work had a bag of Reese’s dropped off and we all indulged.  Stupid candy.

My goal this coming week is to really stick to a lean and green diet.  Doable, very much so.


Well, I have to hit the shower, but I hope that you guys have a great day!


Special note:  To all of the families that have been and are currently being effected by the storms this week.  My prayers are with you.   



Foods, Nature, and getting up late

Hey Hey!!!  How’s your Friday going so far??   Happy Friday!!  We were supposed to get some really bad weather here in Arkansas, but it turned out to be a pretty day.  It’s 80 degrees outside!!



Thomas English muffin, Justin’s Chocolate peanut butter, banana, chia seeds, and Coffee!


I hate waking up late.  Well, what I consider late, someone else may not.  I usually get up at least and hour before I am supposed to so that I can enjoy my breakfast and my coffee.  This morning, it didn’t work out.  I got up on time, but there was not time to just wake up……I had to hit the shower. I feel like I am chasing my tail today.  🙂



Key Lime Greek yogurt and some gluten-free granola. 🙂


Like I said earlier, it’s 80 degrees here!  I went outside this morning when I got to work and took a couple of pictures of the Dogwood trees that are blooming.

Ahhhhh Spring. 😉


One of my friends brought me really cool gift today! 

Thanks Diahann!!  I love this stuff!  Have you ever smelled this before?  You should go to Bath and Body Works and pick this up right now.



I will be doing Ripped in 30 by Jillian Michael’s when I get home.  Two more days and then it’s on to Level 2!


My nephew will be staying the night tonight, so I am sure we will watch Transformers 3 for the billionth time.  It’s ok, he is only this little once.  He is the coolest little boy and I love him! 


Have a  great afternoon!

Question:  What are you big plans this weekend? Anyone else getting ready for a yard sale?




Some Revelations

Over the last couple of days I have realized a couple of things.  1) I don’t think I am quite past my emotional/closet eating, and 2) my hormones are completely out of whack!   I turned 37 this past January, which means only three more years until 40.  Now, age is just a number to me and getting older doesn’t bother me at all.  It’s the changes that my body has experienced over the past few years that really just ticks me off.  🙂 


I read this great post on one of my favorite blogs called Coffee Cake and Cardio about Closet Eating.  After reading what she had posted, I did a little research myself. 

I can remember being a kid and sneaking food in my room at night after my parents were in bed and then eating all of it.  Looking back these things are not normal eating patterns.  Unfortunately, as I have gotten older, these habits have aided in my struggle with weight, nearly my entire adulthood.  I know that I can’t be alone in this boat by any means, and that this is something extremely personal, and I even thought about not posting it, but I know that is why I should. 


I know that I have a lot going on in my life right now that is also aiding in my struggles, but that is life right?  My first step is being honest with myself, and I think that I have done that.  Second, I have also talked to my family and close friends about my struggles.  It takes planning ahead and talking about it to make it real.  If we stay in our bubbles, nothing productive comes from that.


My plan:

  • Focus more on being healthy, then losing weight
  • Journal my food
  • surround myself with people instead of being alone
  • say no to things that don’t fit into my life
  • admit when I am struggling to a family member or close friend




This picture was taken yesterday, but I ate the same thing this morning.  Thomas English Muffin with Dark Chocolate peanut butter on one side and regular peanut butter on the other.  1 banana and some chia seeds.



Key lime greek yogurt, one hard-boiled egg, roasted broccoli, and one Cara Cara orange (which I ate on the ride home).



I haven’t done anything too strenuous the past few days due to still adjusting to some meds my “lady” dr gave me.  It makes me nauseated pretty much all day and really sleepy.  I thought that I would give this workout a try.  Yeah, I don’t think that I am going to be able to lift my arms tomorrow!


I hope that my post hasn’t been too personal for your taste, I just thought that I would share.  Most of the blogs that I read are run by women who are younger than I am.  I still LOVE reading their blogs, but I do think that I represent a different age group, so I hope this reaches at least one person!  🙂  

Have a great day!



Have you ever struggled with an eating disorder?  If so, how have you managed your lifestyle?


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