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Headed Home

Well, it’s time to go home.  Insert sad face.  I have had the best time though and it was really nice to go at a slow pace.

Had a quick breakfast this morning before heading out for my workout.  This morning some of the ladies in the RV park got together to do their weekly workouts.  I think they get together twice a week for some strength training and wouldn’t my luck be that they were doing it this morning!  I really did like it!    I really tried to encourage my mom to do it more often.




I can already feel the weight of life and responsibility creeping in.  I have even received a call about work (kind of) this morning.  And a text from a customer.

Oh well, back to life it is.  🙂


I did make a new best friend while I was here……I was in the market to find one anyway.  😉

Zoey 😉  Isn’t she a doll??   She has promised to write and call me all of the time.  Seriously.


This has been my view most afternoons.  🙂



Got to finish loading things up!  Have a great day!  See ya later!



Favorite things about Fall

I just love Fall.  Really I do.  🙂  It’s one of my favorite times of the year.  Other than Christmas that is..;)   Even though it isn’t technically Fall yet, I wanted to tell you some of my favorite things about it….


  1. The leaves turning.  One of the prettiest things to see in Arkansas is when the leaves turn.  I hope the brutal summer that we had isn’t going to eliminate that.
  2. The smells.  Is it just me or do things smell better in the Fall??
  3. Baking!  Oh yeah baby!  I love this time of year because the baking itch starts to flare up.  I love doing this!!  I wish that I could just come up with my own tweaked recipes, but I love just searching out some great recipes and having a blast in the kitchen.  Something about baking kind of chills me out too.
  4. Long sleeves.  I don’t know about you, but I am ready to dig out my long sleeve shirts!
  5. Candles.  If you know me at all, you know that I love to burn a candle or two.  Aaaand, I love fall scented candles.  I think that my favorite would have to be pumpkin spice.
  6. Soups/stews/chili’s.  Ahhh yes, the time of year when you cook in bulk….when it comes to soups.  🙂
  7. Fellowship.  It’s also my favorite time of year when all of the gatherings start to pick up.  Just another reason to bake something.
  8. Cooler temps to run in!  This, I think, will be my favorite thing this year!


My mom and I took a little outing today:

We went to one of my favorite stores here!!  Yoders.  It’s got all kinds of great things in it.  Mostly organic.  Mostly healthy.



They had things like this throughout the entire store!




It took all that I had to not buy this!  🙂


Here are a couple of the Bed and Breakfast places right in the middle of town…


Well that’s all folks!!  Have a great rest of the afternoon and holiday!  Gonna chill out and then probably take a nap.

What about you?   What are some of your most favorite things about Fall??



It’s a good Monday!

Morning Morning!  🙂   I can’t believe that my mini-vacation is almost over.  Sad face.  😦   I have really had the best time here with my parents.  I usually try to come up here at least once a year and always have the best time.  And not just with my parents, there are tons of people here that my parents have gotten really close to and it’s become this little family.


I got up early and  headed down to the walking park, which was a hoppin little place!  I did one lap to get warmed up and then stopped to stretch and warn my legs that they were going to attempt a run.  🙂

2.80 miles.   I can’t wait to e-mail Cait Friday with my total!!



I am now enjoying a good breakfast with my mom and then going to head out to help my dad do some yard work here in the RV park.  Yay!  I love to do yard work!!



I also wanted to share my dad’s birthday cake with you.  Can you believe that there is only a couple of pieces left??  I chose to eat a piece of the Red Velvet Brownies that I made.  🙂

Recipe take from How Sweet it Is.


I am out!!  Have a wonderful day!!




Simple oaty morning….and a creeper.

Morning!!   Ahhh, how I love long weekends!!

Um, I really need to clean my laptop!


Got a creeper!  She is the sweetest little thing…  Sophie.  Last night, she got up in the bed with me and she is sweet little cuddle buddy.  🙂



Coffee was a must this morning.  My father and I got up pretty early, as we always do, to take my car to get the compressor fixed.


See my parents live in an RV about 8 to 9 months out of the year.  Hence why I live at home.  Let me back up a bit.  My parents have some good friends that also RV’d and lived in theirs fulltime, but they also owned a home where we live.  Long story short, I ended up living in their home while they were away for about 4 years.  I loved it!  It is such a beautiful home….hardwood floors, a big kitchen/dining area, and a HUGE living room/library area.  My bedroom was pretty big too!  It was just a really neat place to live.  I also had the best time keeping up the yard!  I know weird right…. It was and is just a cute place.

Anyway, right before I left money began to get very tight (2010) and the couple that owned it was toying with the idea of wanting to come home.  This meant that they would need the home.  My parents and I sat down to discuss my options and since I was already driving out to their house daily to check on things and feed their animals, we decided to just move me back home.  So for about 8 to 9 months out of the year I get the house to myself.  Living at home allows me to help them and take care of things and it also helps me out as well.  My brother has his own family and can’t really go out to their house everyday.

Some may turn their nose up to me when I say that I live at home, but that’s ok.  I really do enjoy spending this time with my parents.  They aren’t always going to be here.



What are your plans for this long weekend??   Anyone cooking out?  Where I am staying at is mainly a retirement town, so I am enjoying the slow pace.  😉  I think that we are going to take it easy until dinner and then head to a steak place close by.


Post 245!!!  Yay!!


Later guys!  


Road trip!

Morning!  I hope that you have had a great week!  Today marks the beginning of a long weekend!  Well, after the work day anyway.  I don’t have to be back at work until Tuesday of next week!


Yesterday was filled with last-minute details getting ready for my long weekend trip.  AC is still not fixed so the drive to see my parents this weekend will be without it, but hopefully the ride home will be a little bit different.


The only thing that concerns me is the rain that we are getting.  Arkansas is under a tropical depression and it’s been raining since early yesterday where I live.  No big deal right?  We need the rain.  😉    What happens when you get into your car and it’s raining outside??   Does your windows fog up??  Well, mine do.  Hopefully I will be able to see on my drive!


I have tried to finish up some things so that there is nothing spoiled to come home to.  🙂   There is no milk in the house, no bread, no greens, no leftovers.  I think that’s about it.


Here are some of the things that I am excited about doing this weekend:

  1. Resting.  I am so excited about just chilling out.  Even if it rains until Saturday (which is what I think is going to happen).  That gives me an excuse to lay up and read for the day.  🙂
  2. Which brings me to my next one.  Reading.  I received my new book in and started it last night.  Delirium by Lauren Oliver.
  3. Spending time with my parents.  I really love doing this….I love that I can actually talk to my parents and have really great conversations.  We can also cut up and laugh so hard we cry!
  4. Getting away for a bit.  Do you ever just want to get away?  I mean, not run away from things.  I don’t have anything in particular that is on my mind, but getting away and not having to worry about work or anything like that.
  5. Spending my mornings with my dad.  We both like to get up early so we just drink our coffee together.  🙂
  6. Getting to go to my favorite store!  Yoders!  It’s a great little store that has organic and health foods!  I can’t wait!!



I also wanted to share with you guys things that I am loving right now! 🙂

  1. my yogurt bowls.  I think that I have had this for lunch all week!  Wait, I have!!  1 container of vanilla greek yogurt, granola, half of a red delicious apple (cut up/with skin), and some chocolate dreams nut butter drizzled on top.
  2. I found this super cool blog called How Sweet It Is.  She has tons of recipes and they all look so yummy!
  3. Reading!
  4. Jericho.  I found the series on Netflix.  🙂
  5. Running.  I have really enjoyed running lately.  I mean I now think about pace, negative splits, PR’s, stride, training plans…….all that runner geek stuff.  😉



Yogurt bowl:












I just wanted to say thank you guys for being who you are.  The bloggers that I follow, the people who post comments, the people who don’t.  Starting this blog and being apart of awesome ladies at Fit Approach is a big deal for me.  Thank you for your support, your kind words, your encouragement, and thank you for being you.  Thank you!!



I still have to do a couple of things before I leave for my road trip, but I am hoping that this day just flies by!  I still have to get gas, change out my low beam light (this I have to do today), pack up my car!


I hope you have a great day!  And that you don’t forget to love yourself today!


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